1. Apple Watch

a). Top Features on Apple Watch

b). Release date, pricing, and preorders for the Apple Watch 7

c). Who Should Think About Buying an Apple watch?

2. samsung watch

a). Top Features on Samsung watch

b). Samsung Price

c). Who Should Think About Buying a Samsung Watch?

3. garmin watch

a)Garmin features and function

b). Garmin Watch Price

c). Who Should Think About Buying a Garmin Watch?

4. which smart watch is the best?

A nice watch may do more than tell the time; it can also improve your clothing and make you feel fabulous. Smart watches can do much more, such as track exercises, measure heart rate, and provide alerts and voice assistant access.

You may leave your phone in your pocket and only check your wrist for important notifications when wearing a linked watch. The greatest ones we’ve tried are listed below together with their differences and see which smart watch is the best

Apple watch

The Apple Watch 7 has been released. The new Apple Watch features a modest makeover with a bigger and brighter display and quicker charging. Apple Watch 7 was available on October 15 and you can buy it on the Apple website or Amazon. However, before you order, you should read this.

a). Top Features on Apple Watch

Apple hasn’t updated the display boundaries on the Apple Watch in a long time. The Apple Watch 7’s display, on the other hand, is now up to 20% larger and 70% brighter display than that of the Apple Watch 6. The Apple Watch this year seems more enormous thanks to a slim 1.7mm bezel.

Faster charging: The Apple Watch 7 offers the same “all-day” battery life as the Apple Watch 6, but it demands more quickly. Apple claims that owing to a new USB-C connector, and the Series 7 charges 33 percent quicker.

Apple Watch bands are compatible with all series watches. So you can still use the previous Apple bands when you upgrade your Apple watch. What’s more, there are many stylish Apple bands you can choose from.

Apple watch function

  • Read messages and get notifications on the wrist
  • Tracking your workouts (calories, exercise minutes, standing)
  • Exercise logs.
  • Monitoring of heart rate
  • Detect falls and warns about irregular heart rates.
  • Blood oxygen monitoring and ECG measurements (Series 4/5/6 only) (Series 6 only)
  • Workouts are tracked through GPS.
girls wear apple watch band

b). Release date, pricing, and preorders for the Apple Watch 7

The 41mm size of the Apple Watch 7 starts at $399. The 45mm model is priced at $429. Cellular functionality, which allows your Apple Watch to work without being connected to your iPhone, costs $499 for the 41mm version and $529 for the 45mm model. Apple Watch 7 preorders began on October 8, with the wristwatch reaching stores on October 15.

c). Who Should Think About Buying an Apple watch?

The Apple watch is a all-round watch. It includes fitness and health, contact and notification and entertainment.

If ….

You need a wearable device that can help you in an emergency

You need a device to reflect your body health anytime

You need a watch with lots of applications and functions

You have Apple series products like iPhone and iMac.

You would like not only a watch but also a decoration on the wrist

You may need an Apple watch

If you decide you’ll get the Apple watch, you can choose Apple watch bands from Adepoy has focused on Apple watch accessories for several years. Our mission is to help people express their fashion and fitness on wrist!

Samsung Watch

a).Top Features on Samsung watch

Samsung’s original Galaxy Watch has introduced a few years ago. The smart watch landscape has altered dramatically since then. ECGs and oxygen saturation sensors are being added to wearables, and capabilities that were previously considered futuristic are now commonplace.

The watch improves on its predecessor’s accomplishments by introducing a sleeker look and new capabilities including fall detection. Samsung’s Active range of gadgets is designed to be thinner than the Galaxy Watch, making them better suited to consumers looking for a fitness device. We thought the fitness features to be outstanding, especially given this is a premium-looking timepiece.

A single charge lasts about four days in the bigger version of the watch.

b).Samsung Price

The price is $200-400 on Amazon. More inexpensive than other watch relatively. Because the watch has been on the market for almost a year, the price has dropped slightly.

Also, while the Galaxy Watch 3 has a lot of fitness functions, it doesn’t track very well. Its GPS and heart rate sensors fall well short of those found in a specialized fitness watch.

which smart watch is the best

c). Who Should Think About Buying a Samsung Watch?

Like Apple Watch, Samsung watch is also a comprehensive watch offering more features not only about fitness. Although its apps and functions are not as much as Apple watch, the Samsung watch is more inexpensive than other watches relatively.


You have not much budget to buy a smartwatch and want a cost-effective one

You spend lots of time outsides so need a watch with strong battery capacity

You like round watch face watch with more functions

You can choose the Samsung watch.

Garmin Watch

We’ve put the greatest Garmin watches to the test to help you find the one that’s ideal for you. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, cyclist, or someone who is just getting into exercise. Whatever watch you choose, it’s sure to improve over time as Garmin routinely introduces new capabilities via firmware upgrades, and we’re here to help.

a). Garmin features and function

Garmin watches provide a wide choice of technology for a wide range of users. Garmin has a wide range of watches, some with advanced capabilities for professional athletes and others with more simple features for casual fitness lovers.

All of the watches, on the other hand, are cutting-edge technical devices that aim to assist users to acquire a better understanding of their fitness path.

Garmin Connect, a phone app that allows you to analyze your workouts, activity levels, and heart rate to measure improvement over time, has all of that information.

Varied Garmin watches have different functions, but they all give you an unprecedented degree of activity tracking.

Fitness trackers began to include some of the functions of smart watches, such as notifications for incoming messages and the ability to play music, as technology evolved. In this context,

Garmin introduced a series of more sophisticated watches that provide clients with the finest mix of fitness trackers and smart watches.

Garmin watch has a strong battery capacity. It is supposed to be good for 2 weeks.

b). Garmin Watch Price

A different version, different price. While the advanced features are nice, they aren’t essential for anyone except an expert athlete; most of us will be satisfied with a less expensive choice.

c). Who Should Think About Buying a Garmin Watch?

Different from the last two smartwatch, the Garmin watch is more useful for athlete and sports experts.It provides precise sport data and have a strong battery capacity.


You are an athlete or sport expert and need precise sports data

You are sports lover and need workout tracker for many outdoors and indoor sports

You need to go for a two-week outdoors adventure

You probably want to try out a Garmin watch

pros and cons of the three smart watch are list to help you decide which smart watch is the best.

apple, samsung and garmin watch

How to Choose the Best Smart Watch

  • Compatibility: Before you buy a smart watch, be sure it will function with your smartphone.
  • Features of fitness: If you’re a fitness enthusiast, look for a watch with a heart rate sensor and GPS (to monitor your runs). If running is your sport, check out our guide to the best running watches.
  • When buying, pay attention to the rated battery life. The greatest battery life is found in hybrid smart watches that resemble analog clocks but lack touchscreens.
  • Availability of the app: The app selection is a factor and one that distinguishes Wear OS from watchOS. However, compatibility, design, and other characteristics are more essential.



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