What You Need To Know About Apple Watch Series 6

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  • Does apple watch series 6 come in 40mm
  • Can you talk on apple watch series 6 gps
  • Is the apple watch series 6 44mm waterproof
  • Is apple watch 6 gps more accurate
  • Is apple watch series 6 worth buying

Does Apple Watch Series 6 come in 40mm?

The Apple Watch Series 6 comes in two sizes, 40 or 44mm, same as Apple watch series 4,5 and SE

Can you talk on Apple Watch Series 6 GPS?

If your Apple Watch is GPS-only and you would like to make a call on your watch, You can only do it when your watch connect to WiFi. But before that, ensure you have enabled WiFi calling on your iPhone and your Apple Watch. Then you are able to send and receive message and SMS, along with making and taking phone calls.

apple watch series 6

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 44mm waterproof?

Actually, no. The Apple Watch series 6 is not waterproof. It is water resistant. Waterproof and water resistant are different meaning.

Waterproof means the water cannot go into the watch while water resistance means it’s ok to expose the Apple watch to water. But water may leak into the watch under some circumstances.

It is OK to use the Apple Watch in shallow water, but deeper water can be harmful to the watch because the deeper the water, the more pressure the watch is subjected to, and the pressure can damage the seal of the watch and cause water to penetrate into the watch.

Therefore, Apple recommends Apple watch user do not wear Apple Watch when diving. The high pressure will destroy the protective seal

To protect your watch before going into the water, you need to take measure. You need to turn on the Water Lock before the watch under the water. To do so, swipe up from the bottom of the display and tap the water droplet in the Control Center to lock it against water.

To turn off the water lock function, turn the digital crown clockwise several times. You will hear a series of sounds and feel some vibrations as the watch drains any water that may have gotten inside. You may see the water ejected from the water. Apple recommends drying it with a towel to make sure no water gets back into the device.

Apple recommends you not have your watch submerged for more than 30 minutes. After that amount of time in the water, the seals could fail.

Is Apple Watch 6 GPS more accurate?

The Apple Watch has a GPS tracking feature for sports and fitness. However, the GPS feature of the Apple Watch does not show exactly when the data started to be recorded or if it is running at this moment. this inaccuracy disturbs us because the GPS feature does not show anything, which makes us wonder if the Apple Watch is a GPS watch.

However, after user finished our workout, we could see all the data, including our running/hiking/biking tracks in the fitness app, but not in the watch. the GPS feature does not require the use of a phone to start logging, but it does require a cell signal to navigate.

The GPS tracking accuracy of the Apple Watch 6 is not much different from the Apple Watch 5, and the results on the map after running are much smoother than the results get on other devices

Is Apple Watch Series 6 worth buying?

The Apple Watch series 6 is the company’s new model alongside the Apple Watch SE, which was launched at the same time. Despite not working at all with Android phones, the Apple Watch is still some of the most popular smartwatches, acting as a small second screen to connect your iPhone to your wearable device.

While the Apple Watch 6 is no longer the most advanced model on the market with the release of the Apple Watch 7, and you may be wondering if there’s any great appeal to the year-old model; if you’re considering upgrading from an older Apple Watch, you’ll be particularly interested to know what’s new here.

Apple watch 6 New feature

Compared with Apple watch 5 and Apple watch 6, it seems that there’s not much different. One highlight feature is SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) monitor. It helps you know and record the blood oxygen level.

If you want to see a record of all readings taken, along with a refresher on what the data means, head inside of the Apple Health app on your iPhone, go to Browse and then look for the tab called Vitals. If you’ve taken a blood oxygen measurement or been monitoring it during sleep, you’ll be able to view your data here.

You’ll also be able to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data. Select Show More Blood Oxygen Data and you can also view blood oxygen level ranges over those same periods as well as daily averages.

New things

The new colors and design are interesting, especially the new blue and red flavours, which are attractive on the wrist, and the aluminium casing blends well with the more striking shades.

The display with OLED technology is as bright and crisp as ever – despite Apple’s claims, we didn’t notice any extra brightness on the outside, but again, we never struggled to read the display thanks to the rich colors and good contrast ratio.


As in recent years, fitness is the focus of the new Apple Watch, and more so than ever before. A new sensor allows you to see how well your blood is saturated with oxygen, and in most cases it works well.

However, Apple makes it clear that this is not a medical tool and should only be used to monitor general fitness or health – so while it’s an interesting thing to check out from time to time, it doesn’t feel like a headline feature.

As an overall fitness tracker, the Apple Watch 6 feels like it has some incredible benefits – great activity tracking, good monitoring and motivation to stay active, extensive monitoring of activity – but still not an upgrade to ‘pro mode’ for those who want to take their fitness to another level. Apple definitely has the potential to be untapped.

Although the Apple Watch series 6 is the most refined model of Apple, there isn’t enough new feature here to let people upgrade to this model. Apple Watch series 6 continued with the same design of the previous models – a rounded, metal body with a square display that curves elegantly into the device itself.


The watch battery is still and it is well known that battery life of Apple watch isn’t long enough. Although the battery life is longer than the advertised 18 hours, it’s still not long enough for what this watch could do. If you wear the watch at day, you must need to charge the watch so that you can use it tomorrow. But for those who need the sleep tracking, it is not convenient.

The apple watch series 6 is quite nearly the best apple has to offer in the wearable space, and if you’re worried about either your heart health or respiratory system, those extra features will bring you a welcome degree of reassurance. However, for many consumers – especially those who aren’t bothered about having an always-on display – the Apple Watch SE offers nearly every feature that the Watch series 6 is packing, and does it for far less cost.



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