What to Expect from Apple’s High-End ‘Rugged’ Watch | Apple Watch Pro

It is said that Apple will launch a new “pro” version of the Apple watch that will be sold alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 models. The Apple Watch Pro will feature a different design, a larger size, and a more expensive price tag.

This article discloses everything we know about the Apple Watch Pro, which is expected to launch in September, also the time for the new ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ and iPhone 14 models.

Design For Apple Watch Pro

While the standard ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ models are not going to get a design update, we are expecting a new look for the Apple Watch Pro. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has indicated that the Apple Watch Pro will feature a design that is an “evolution of the current rectangular shape.”

A 2021 Apple Watch has been rumored to have a flat-edge design, but no such device has ever appeared. The flat-edged design isn’t expected to be used on the Apple Watch Pro, so it won’t look like those Apple Watch Series 7 models we’ve seen before the Series 7 launch.

More Durable

The Apple Watch Pro has also been described as a “rugged” Apple Watch. From the name, we can know the Apple watch pro will be very hard and durable. It’s aimed at those who do extreme sports. It will feature a casing that is more durable and better able to hold up to abuse, with the device targeted toward athletes, hikers, and others who expose their watches to more extreme conditions.

The rugged Apple watch is for extreme conditions, then you will need an Apple watch band that can also be used in extreme conditions. Now Suitisbest has a rugged Apple watch band to meet this requirement. It is a silicone material that is waterproof and sweatproof. The band is soft and durable.

In addition to being larger, the display will also be made from a shatter-resistant material that will provide more durability.

Hard Metal Material

Apple is planning to use a new titanium metal alloy that is stronger than aluminum and better able to hold up to extreme use.

Watch Size

The Apple Watch Pro will have a larger screen than the current 41mm and 45mm sizes. In fact, Gurman has said that it will be a “good bit bigger” than the current Apple Watch models and in fact so large that it may only appeal to a “subset of customers.”

The display is expected to measure two inches diagonally, which will provide seven percent more screen area than the 1.9-inch diagonal screen size of the 45mm ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌ and the Series 8, as that device will feature the same casing as the Series 7.

It is said to feature a display resolution of 410 x 502 pixels, and the extra display area could potentially be used to display extra fitness metrics on a single screen.

Longer Battery Life

Since the Apple Watch Pro will be larger, it will likely have a larger battery inside to accommodate longer workouts. The 8-series models are rumored to feature a low-power mode, and the Apple Watch Pro can even last for days before needing a charge.

New Features About Health

The Apple Watch Pro is expected to offer the same functionality as the “Apple Watch Series 8,” except for a larger, more durable case, so it will get all the features of the rumored Series 8.

Apple Watch Series 8 models are rumored to be getting a temperature sensor that will allow them to determine if a user’s body temperature is higher than normal. A temperature sensor is unlikely to have an accurate temperature reading, but it is capable of showing fluctuations.

Since the Apple Watch will use skin temperature, it is not as accurate as a thermometer that can monitor core body temperature. But a nice fit Apple watch band around the wrist can also increase the accuracy. At launch, Apple will likely use it for fertility planning and monitoring.

Other Features

Rumor has it that next-generation Apple Watch and iPhone models may include a car crash detection feature that will use an accelerometer to detect when an accident occurs by measuring peaks in gravity. When a crash is detected, the Apple Watch can automatically call emergency services.

Apple is working on the S8 chip for the “Apple Watch Series 8” models, but current information suggests it won’t offer much performance improvement over the S7 in the “Apple Watch Series 7”. There have also been rumors of an update to activity tracking, but nothing concrete is known yet.


With a larger body and a titanium casing, the Apple Watch Pro will not be cheap. It is expected to be priced around $900 to $999, which would make it more expensive than the current titanium Apple Watch Edition, which is available for $849.

Apple will sell the Apple Watch Pro alongside the ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌, which is expected to retain the same price points as the Series 7. It is not yet clear if the Apple Watch Pro will be replacing the current Apple Watch Edition models, which are made from titanium.

Release Date

The rumored Apple Watch Pro is expected to release at an Apple ” Far Out” event on Wednesday, September 7.



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