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  • Why do you need waterproof Apple watch bands for swimming?
  • What Apple Watch bands are best for swimming?
  • 4 tips for swimming with Apple Watch
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Why do you need waterproof Apple watch bands for swimming?

Apple Watch comes with interchangeable bands, but not all the Apple Watch bands are suitable for swimming. For example, a leather band will get wet in the water although it has some water resistance. It also needs to be dried down quickly; otherwise, they start to rot.

So what is the best Apple Watch band for swimming? Silicone Apple watch bands, nylon apple watch bands, and Fluoroelastomer Apple watch bands are ideal for swimming because of water resistance.

What Apple Watch bands are best for swimming?

Sport Bands

This Apple Watch sport band is made of soft silicone, which is waterproof, sweat-proof, and lightweight. You don’t need to worry about the size because it adopts a metal classic clasp, you can adjust easily and so you can happily swim with it.

No matter what color you choose, surely everything will be matchy-matchy because it has 10 colors. The smallest length is 130mm and the durable material promises a long life for the Apple Watch band.

apple watch silicone buckle band
apple watch bands for swimming

Nylon Sport Bands

Nylon is the most waterproof material available that is being made into Apple Watch bands for swimming. This nylon band is designed for sport, it performs well for swimming and surfing. Although it can surely absorb some water, it will get dry quickly due to breathable material.

A hook-and-loop fastener is for quick and easy adjustment. You can wear it on and off very easily, while with the watch locked securely. No matter how slim your wrist, it fits even a 2x-small wrist easily

Nylon apple watch band

The sport loop bands are one of our best selections for workouts and daily life. It features a strong hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment. The double-sided woven nylon is a durable and breathable material and easy to clean.

Solo Loop Silicone Bands

No clasps, buckles, or overlapping part makes it extremely comfortable to wear and more convenient for putting on and taking off. It’s also stretchable, swim-proof, and sweat-proof so it can go just about where you want to wear it. The smallest length of this band is 120mm which can fit 2X small wrist.

Braided solo loop apple watch band

Elastic material with no clasps or buckles, Silicone braided solo loop band features a unique, stretchable design and easy to slip on and off. Easily direct installation and one-button removal.

Stretchy Silicone Braided Bands

Made of pure silicone and flexible elastomer, this replacement sport band is perfect for your swimming lessons as well as those sweaty summer afternoons.

Breathable Sport bands

Made from high-performance silicone material with stainless steel parts. Breathable holes design makes this watch band more comfortable to wear. Adepoy sports bands feature many colors for you to choose from to match your daily outfits.

apple nike band
apple watch bands for swimming

4 tips for swimming with Apple Watch

Choose the right Apple Watch accessories for swimming

As I mentioned above, Silicone Apple watch bands, nylon apple watch bands and Fluoroelastomer Apple watch bands are the best choicesapple watch bands for swimming. Adepoy can offer you many types of waterproof Apple watch cases and bands you want. Adepoy has focused on Apple watch accessories for several years. Their mission is to help people express their fashion and fitness on wrists!

Pick the right view in the Workout app

There are two alternative layouts provided by Apple for the display of the Workout app: Single Metric and Multiple Metric. Multiple Metric is the best option for swimming. Because Single Metric is disabled in Apple Watch’s waterproof mode. To enable this feature, go to Workout>Workout View>Mutiple Metric.

swim with apple watch

Make sure you know the length of the pool

Before you get into the pool, you can ask an attendant or watch the sign to know the correct length. It is essential to enter the distance correctly before you start swimming.

Start your workout before you you dive in

It is of importance to start the swimming workout on your watch before you get into the water. Apple disables the touchscreen in waterproof mode because it’s hard to use your watch in the pool.


Apple Watch can help you track your whole activity when you go swimming. It is very important to pick a waterproof Apple Watch bands for swimming.

Apple Watch straps made of fabric or leather are not suitable for swimming, they will absorb water and become heavy. Instead, silicone bands or nylon bands are ideal apple watch bands for swimming since they are waterproof and lightweight. Check out for silicone Apple Watch bands to take with you for swimming.



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