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I bought my first Apple watch 7 five months ago and I used that as an opportunity to try out something new. I opted for a full set of Apple watch printed pattern bands which are priced at $22 and $15, much more inexpensive than Apple Official bands. I brought 7 bands in different patterns so that I can switch different bands every day. 

After being used the bands for a while, this is by far the most comfortable band that I’ve ever used with the Apple Watch. I love the printed pattern band.

Different buckles

There are different buckle designs of the printed pattern band to meet different customers’ interests. You can see from the picture, One buckle is similar to the pin and tuck design but there is one more pin to ensure the security of the band. And the other design is also a pin and tuck design but the pin is a bit different from the last one. Thanks for the stable buckles, I don’t need to worry the watch will fall.

pritned pattern band

Quality and feelings of the bands

The quality of the printed pattern band is superior. The silicone raw material promises the soft and comfortable feeling of touch. Perhaps my favorite feature is that the silicone raw material gives the bands a very soft and comfortable feel. This silicone pritned pattern band doesn’t irritate my skin. And as there are two pins to tuck, I feel secure and stable. 

What’s more, the printed pattern band is wide so it isn’t possible for the bands to break into two parts. I can go for some strenuous exercise without worrying the band will broke down and drop my watch.

Silicone floral apple watch bands

The floral Apple Watch bands are made from soft silicone which are flexible, comfortable, durable, and waterproof.

Daily usage of the bands

Almost every day I wear the band and I switch the band often to match my dress. I wear the bands when I am walking a god, doing workouts, swimming and so on. The band is perfect for workouts and casually wearing. 

For workouts, it is waterproof, sweat-proof and dirt-proof which means it is easy to clean up and the printed pattern band can be dried quickly. 

And for casually wearing, there are lots of lovely patterns to choose from. Compared with the pure color Apple watch silicone band, these printed pattern band are more youthful and lively.

Different fadeless patterns

Utilized a special manufacturing process to print the patterns on the band, the printed pattern band for women and men with advanced printing crafts resolves the easy-fading problem, which can maintain its patterns for a long time. I have used the bands for several months, but the color is still vivid.

As you can see, there are lots of amazing patterns which are unique on the market.

pritned pattern band

Best combination

Sometimes I also put on a protective case, a bling Apple watch case and even a leopard printed case on my watch to protect the watch from being scratched and dropped. The leopard printed band and the leopard printed case are the best combination. If you are a fan of leopards, then you may like the leopard printed pattern band and case.

in conclusion

If you think the pure color Apple watch silicone band is not your type but you want to try a silicone band, the printed pattern band would be the optimal choice. If you like more interest pattern bands, then choose it. I think the printed pattern band is very suitable for school girls and cool girls to personalize their watch. 

And some of the patterns can be used in special festival, for example, you can wear the skeleton printed pattern band when Halloween. You can also wear the pink one when spring.

printed pattern band



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