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  • Measure my size and pick bands
  • The feeling of the Apple watch slim band
  • Installation of apple watch slim band
  • Best combination of apple watch slim band
  • Differences between the apple watch slim band and the normal silicone band
  • Apple watch slim band: what I like
  • Apple watch slim band: what i don’t like
  • In conclusion
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Measure my size and pick bands

I used a soft ruler and wrapped it around my wrist. After measuring my wrist size, I purchased these two different Adepoy slim bands according to the size chart on the website. And after wearing these two bands for a month, I love the slim band and make the review. The slim band can be ranked 4.8 out of 5.

The feeling of the bands

It’s made from silicone so it’s sweat-resistant and waterproof so I can wear the apple watch slim band to workout and swim. It is also dirt-proof which means it is not easy to get dirty and it is easy to clean up. I cleaned my slim band every week, the easiest way to clean the band is using a wet cloth to wipe the band.


It is very easy to connect the Apple Watch and the band. The adapter is polished metal and the installation process is very smooth.

It utilizes a classic buckle design which isn’t as convenient as a pull-over method but means you can easily adjust it throughout the day. The adapters are of good quality and stainless steel in color. They fit the watch well and slide on and off nicely. 

The band is molded and stitched around the adapters so the band doesn’t slide around. The stitching matches the band color. The silicone itself is soft and supple and ultra-comfortable to wear. The narrow band makes your wrist look elegant.

Best combination

I brought two different slim bands, one is black and the other one is white. Both of them are soft and comfortable. They are lightweight that sometimes I don’t even feel the band on my wrist. That’s cool! 

The apple watch slim band matches the bling case perfectly. Both the band and case are elegant and girlish. You can choose slim bands in different colors and different bling cases to personalize your watch.

Difference between the slim band and the normal silicone band

I wore other Apple watch silicone bands before. Compared to the normal silicone band, the biggest difference between an Apple watch slim band and the normal band is bandwidth. The apple watch slim band is only half the width of the normal silicone band. Also, the line of the slimmer band’s design is different from the normal silicone band.

Two slim bands on the Adepoy website. One is thick and the other is thin which gives me a different feeling. Though both slim bands are soft, the thinner one is softer and it is fit my skin so much. The thicker one is thick and gives me a sense of security that you can feel the band is connecting your watch stably.

apple watch slim band

Slim Band for Apple Watch: What I like

They are top-quality Apple Watch bands. I love the look of them, the feel of them, the color, and especially the way they gracefully taper away from the Watch. The narrowness of the band is unusual in the Apple Watch band market. 

It is the type of band I’ve been looking for in the years I’ve owned an Apple Watch. Very suitable for girls for daily wearing and formal occasions. The band is elegant and dedicated. The feeling of touch is superior. And the band is lightweight that you even don’t feel the apple watch slim band on your wrist.

What I don’t like

If you have extremely small wrists, this apple watch slim band won’t work for you. Because the wrist size range is stated as 149-210mm.

in conclusion

I really love the apple watch slim band I tried. I buy more in the future and will definitely recommend it to other people to buy it.  



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