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  • Is milanese loop feminine
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What is Milanese loop on Apple watch

1.Modern design 

Milanese band is a modern, gorgeous and sophisticated style for your Apple Watch. The Milanese loop is made of stainless steel and it has the same wrap-around design as the Sport loop. Woven on custom Italian machines, the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around your wrist. 

2.Fit and adjustable

Because it’s fully magnetic, the Milanese band is infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit. The small silicone ring helps keep it in place and prevents metal-on-metal scratches. It allows you to adjust the band for the smallest or largest wrists with the magnetic closure and looped design. Unlike other Apple Watch bands, no sizing guides is necessary. 


One of the design benefits is breathability. Unlike other watch bands from Apple, the weaved mesh of the Milanese band allows a bit of air to pass through. It enables you to stay cool and avoid sweating which is common with leather and solid stainless steel bands. Moreover, it is lightweight. 

4.Colors and price

Gold Milanese Loop, graphite Milanese Loop, and silver Milanese Loop are available on Apple’s online store. You’re not limited to the colors when you go third-party. However, buying a Milanese Apple Watch band is a pretty large investment, it costs $99 if going for the Milanese Loop was a no-brainer for you. Going for a third-party Apple Watch Milanese band can save you a lot of money. 

milanese loop

How to put Milanese loop on Apple Watch

It’s much easier to put on and remove the Milanese Apple Watch band. Milanese Loop comes in one size, and the magnetic clasp, and looped design allow you to adjust the band for the smallest or largest wrists. 

Before purchasing an Apple Watch, the best way to avoid choosing the wrong size, it’s better to check the band size carefully and measure your wrist. 

Ready to change your old band with a new Milanese Apple watch band? Follow these steps:

  • Place your Apple Watch face down over a clean surface like a lint-free, micro-fiber cloth or soft, padded mat. 
  • Press the release button, then slide the old Apple Watch band across to remove it. Slide the Milanese band in until you feel and hear a click.
  • Put on the band on your wrist and grab the clasp, then pull it and adjust the size until you feel comfortable. A comfortable fit Apple Watch band should not be too tight, not too loose, and with room for your skin to breathe. 

Apple watch milanese loop band

These straps for the Apple watch are crafted from top stainless steel with magetic buckle. Classic and formal

Does the Milanese Loop pull hair

It does happen, but it’s not terrible. Arm hair has a rare rate of being caught and pulled out on your wrist by the tiny links of the band. The problem is caused when the wrist hair gets between the links of the watch band. When the space between the links becomes narrower, you will feel a pull. 

How to avoid this problem? If you have a hairy wrist and are experiencing discomfort from hair getting caught in the links of Milanese band, you can shave or wax any hair on your wrist. But the Milanese Loop is incredibly comfortable. Getting a third party one from Adepoy, which is not pulling hair. 

Is the Milanese Loop uncomfortable

At the very most of the time, people wearing the Milanese Loop feel comfortable. It’s not super comfortable if putting it on your wrist for workouts or much physical activity. Can you workout with Milanese Loop? We don’t recommend you use it in the gym, outdoor jogging, outdoor cycling, etc, the band would loosen off when there is lots of movement of the arm. A sport band for workouts would be better. 

Is Milanese Loop feminine

There are so many threads on “ is the Milanese band a women’s band?” The watch band is gender-neutral and anyone can wear it. It depends on the person and personality. Compared to the standard loop, the mesh loop is generally smaller, which makes it look slightly more feminine. Moreover, it has quite a classy design that does not feel too bulky. 

Should you buy a Milanese band? It is a worthy choice for you if you are fond of something sleek, dressy, and breathable. Because of the sleeker design, women and girls have a preference for the Milanese band. 

The elegant Milanese Loop band allows you to wear it to casual occasions and formal events. The right Milanese band can be worn at a wedding with a fancy dress, a dinner with lovers, or other events where you have to dress slightly elegantly. 

Are you looking for a feminine stainless steel Apple Watch band? A jewelry Apple Watch bracelet would be better. The eye-catching design to dress up your outfit for wedding parties, Cocktail, events, etc. 

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Is the Apple Watch Milanese Band Waterproof

Apple Watch metal bands aren’t water-resistant and should not be exposed to liquids. Milanese band is not appropriate for water use. According to Apple, the Milanese band should not be worn when swimming or showering. In other words, Milanese Loop can get wet but you have to dry it thoroughly. Unlike silicone sport bands, they can be worn in the swimming pool or ocean, because they are waterproof and sweat resistant.

How do you clean an Apple Milanese Loop band

After a few months of regular use, some dirt and dust will accumulate on the surface of the Milanese Apple watch band. Here are the steps to clean your Milanese Loop:

  • Remove the band from the watch.
  • Use a wet, non-abrasive, and lint-free cloth to wide off the dirt on the band, and don’t miss the small gaps which may collect more dust. 

To maintain the Milanese Loop, it would be better to avoid rubbing it on hard surfaces or with abrasive materials while cleaning. Last but not least, keep the watch bands away from chemicals or water in daily wear.

Where to buy the Apple Watch Milanese Loop for less

The Milanese Loop on Apple online store can be expensive (cost 99 dollars) if you have a large budget. This does not mean you cannot get the Milanese Loop at an affordable price. offers Apple Watch bands at well-priced that transform your device into an amazing wearable. 



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