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  • New Watch Faces of new watchos 7
  • Sleep tracking
  • Managing your sleep schedule
  • Automatic handwashing detection
  • Cycling directions in Maps
  • Dancing
  • Core Training
  • Cooldown
  • Fitness – the new Activity app
  • Hearing
  • Compatibility

The Apple Watch software got its annual update this year at WWDC. The brand new WatchOS 7 packs a lot of new, exciting features and is now available for update. The Apple Watch is an important device in Apple’s whole product lineup and Apple’s been perfecting its health and safety features and this year, Apple took the Watch OS to a whole new level.

Some new health and safety features are stuffed into the Apple Watch with new watchos 7. If you are an Apple Watch user, below are all the important things you should know about the new watchos 7.

new watchos 7

New Watch Faces of new watchos 7

Apple is making the Apple Watch faces more personalized and customizable. You will find some new faces in the new Watchos 7

—Chronograph Pro with an integrated tachymeter.

—Photo face: It now allows you to add a color filter to Photos face.

—X-Large Face: Adds a new option to add a rich complication.

With a more customizable and personalized Apple Watch Face, you can easily make it work with your Apple Watch bands to show your own sense of style.

Improvements in Apple Watch Complications

Apple now allows developers to add more than one Apple Watch complication per app on a watch face.

“For example, on one watch face, Glow Baby can display multiple complications that help new parents track bottle-feeding, breastfeeding, pumping statistics, and nap times, while Dawn Patrol can show surfers tide, wind speed, and water temperature from a favorite surf spot”

It’s a very practical update for people who need to use one app frequently. You should be able to get more info of the same app on one watch face now.

You can now share your Watch Face with others

The new watchos 7 has a new feature called Face Sharing, which allows you to share your own Watch Face with other people. Apple also provides customized watch faces in the Apple Store that you can download and use on your own Apple Watch.

Sleep tracking

Apple finally decided to bring Sleep Tracking to the Apple Watch. You can now track your sleep and get the related data that reflect how well you sleep if you wear your Apple Watch when you sleep.

“Through the detection of micro-movements from the watch’s accelerometer, which signals respiration during sleep, Apple Watch intelligently captures when the wearer is sleeping and how much sleep they get each night. In the morning, the wearer will see a visualization of their previous night’s sleep, including periods of wake and sleep.”

The data shows you the trend of your sleep and analyze how well you sleep in the past days and weeks.

new watchos 7

Managing your sleep schedule

If you want to have a health lifestyle, having a health sleep routine is an important part. And Apple Watch can now assist you in making a more healthy schedule.

There’s a new Wind Down feature that you can use to create a customized bedtime routine. The routine includes setting up a scene on the Home screen, playing soothing music or opening your favorite relaxation app.

There’s also a sleep mode which activates Do Not Disturb mode automatically once it’s enabled. And it won’t deactivate the Do Not Disturb Mode until the wake up time you set.

The new watchos 7 also has a wake-up screen that shows you info like the weather, the remaining battery life, or other things you might want to know. If you don’t want to use noise to wake you up, there’s an option to use silent alarms which use haptic feedback to wake you up quietly.

Automatic handwashing detection

With the help of motion sensors, the microphone and on-device learning, the Apple Watch with new watchos 7 can even detect when you are washing your hands. And when the smartwatch knows you are washing your hands, it will set off a 20-second timer to prompt you to wash your hands for a sufficient amount of time. The watch knows if you finish early, and if you do, it will prompt you to wash your hands again. Other than that, your Apple Watch will remind you to wash your hands when you are home using your location.

The Health app will record the frequency and duration that you wash your hands. Although your Apple Watch uses sounds to assist itself in detecting, it won’t record or save the sound on the device or the Health app.

Cycling directions in Maps

The Maps app on your Apple Watch can now provide cycling directions now. With this feature, you can plan your cycling route more easily and know where you are going.

The updated Workout app

With an updated Workout app, you can now add new workout types to its list. The new workout types you can add include core Training dance, cooldowns and functional strength training.

new watchos 7


Since dancing involves a lot of complicated motions and movements, so tracking dancing is not an easy work. But Apple Watch is able to track it with your arms, your lower body or your entire body.

“To correctly capture calorie exertion for Dance, Apple Watch uses advanced sensor fusion, combining data from the heart rate sensor and inputs from the accelerometer and gyroscope, that account for the unique challenges of measuring different body-to-arm motions typical with dance.”

Apple’s keynote mentioned that the Apple Watch is able to track hip-hop, cardio dancing, Latin and Bollywood accurately

Core Training

The Workout App now allows you to add Core Training workouts for tracking on new watchos 7. The app can now track how many calories you burn from doing those ab and back workouts like crunches and sit-ups.


Cooldown is a necessary process during your workout session. You need to let your body cool down from your intense workout session. And the new Cooldown workout is able to track your cooldown with your Apple Watch to make sure you body has cooled down and ready for your next activity.

new watchos 7

Fitness – the new Activity app

On new watchos 7 Apple gave the Activity app a new look as well as a new name. The app that collects all your data is now called Fitness. It still got all your data but Apple optimized it to show more information at one glance.


The Noise app was first introduced to Apple Watch users on watchOS 6. The app will detect the environment and notify you if you are in a noisy environment to prevent any potential damage to your hearing. And Apple intend to improve on the feature on new watchos 7.

Your Apple Watch will notify you when you are listening to audio too loud or too much through your headphones.

“When total listening with headphones has reached 100 percent of the safe weekly listening amount, Apple Watch provides a notification to the wearer. This amount is based on World Health Organization recommendations that, for instance, a person can be exposed to 80 decibels for about 40 hours per week without an impact to hearing abilities”

The Health app on your iPhone can show you how long you’ve been exposed to high decibel levels in the last week. If you like, you can set the maximum volume limit you’re allowed for headphone audio in the app to avoid listening to audio too loud without realizing it.


For now, the devices that support new watchos 7 are:

—Apple Watch Series 3

—Apple Watch Series 4

—Apple Watch Series 5

—Apple Watch Series 6

—Apple Watch SE

Also, to run new watchos 7 with no problem, your iPhone needs to be running iOS 14.



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