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The world of the Apple Watch band is a wide, open space filled with a huge number of options –  if you’re looking for the best Apple Watch band, then you’re in no man’s land. There is a strap for everyone, and a strap for every occasion, from sport to dinner with the boss. It’s finding them that’s the tricky bit.

As with any watch, something like the Apple Watch Band can be a very personal choice. It can also be the start of a collection, as you can find different straps for different occasions, so you can choose as you go. Even so, you must ensure that various criteria are met – comfort, appearance, longevity. Choosing the right Apple Watch band is often as difficult as finding the best Apple Watch.

Even more difficult is the size difference between the different models of the Apple Watch. The latest model, the 7 Series, is available in two sizes – small 41mm or large 45mm. Previous models above Series 4 used the smaller size, with 40mm and 44mm options. Older models use 38mm and 42mm sizes. When you’re looking for an Apple Watch band, you have to make sure the band you’re looking for is compatible with your Apple Watch, lest you find yourself using a small band on a larger watch or vice versa.

Does this mean you should give up? Absolutely not – we’re big Apple Watch users and have built our own line of Apple Watch straps. Here are some of the best Apple Watch straps we could find.

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Which Apple Watch Band Is Best?

I like having a number of Apple Watch bands since I do change my band to match my outfit. But if I had to give away my entire Apple Watch band collection (boo-hoo!) and could only have one band, it would be Apple’s Milanese Loop. It’s the height of Jony Ive-era Apple style, an elegant blend of form and function. Functionally, it adjusts to fit nearly every wrist with its magnetic loop closure. Since it’s stainless steel, it can contact water (just be sure to dry it off after) without damage. Rather than being thick solid steel, it’s lightweight mesh, making it ultra-comfortable to wear.

This band feels amazing to the touch and looks incredible with just the right amount of shine to flatter either the aluminum or stainless steel Apple Watch Series 7 or any other model. Your entire wardrobe will look great with this band. Wear it to the gym, the grocery store, the office, a party, or even a formal black-tie event. The Milanese Loop is one of the best Apple Watch bands you can buy, and it will enhance your Apple Watch style no matter where you go. If the Milanese Loop isn’t in the budget, get the Apple Milanese look for less.

If you’re looking for more inexpensive Apple Watch bands, and specifically bands under $20, we’ve got you covered. Pretty soon, your Apple Watch band collection will rival mine!



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