Are leather Apple Watch bands comfortable

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Do apple watches have leather straps

The leather Apple Watch band is popular for its comfort, excellent quality, and friendly on the skin. It’s also one of the most common materials in the traditional watch industry. Leather bands are made of skins from cattle hides, goats, and other animals. 

Smartwatches also use leather straps. When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 6, it also showed off the two-piece Leather Link. So Apple has 4 types of leather Apple watch band, including Leather Loop, Leather link, Modern Buckle, and Hermès leather bands. However, Leather Loop is not available on Apple’s online store. Leather Apple Watch bands are ultra-comfortable to wear in the workplace and at formal events. 

1.Apple Watch Leather Loop Band

Apple announced this leather Loop band in 2015 but has stopped selling the popular Leather Loop since announcing the new Apple Watch Series 7 last year, as the Leather Link band is similar to the Leather Loop. The Venezia leather for this strap is handcrafted in Arzignano, Italy. It’s quilted into segments and milled and tumbled to enhance the pebble-like texture. 

This leather Apple Watch band has a magnetic closure. It makes it easy to adjust the size. In other words, you can not only get the perfect fit for your wrist, but also you can adjust that fit as often and as precisely as you want throughout the day. Moreover, unlike the Sport band, Milanese Loop, or Sport Loop, the Leather Loop isn’t waterproof. 

2.Apple Watch Leather Link

Out of Leather Loop, Apple has its leather link that features handcrafted Roux Granada leather made in France. This leather band elegantly wraps around your wrist and magically attaches. It has flexible molded magnets that gently flex to help maintain a secure, comfortable fit throughout the day. Each side of the band is made of two pieces of leather with several magnets sandwiched between. The long side of the band wraps over the small side to securely hold the watch band on your wrist. 

leather apple watch band
leather apple watch band

The Leather link is extremely comfortable. It’s not only a much warmer band to wear in daily life, but also a great band to wear to bed if you are using the sleep tracking feature on your Apple Watch. The band comes in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large. 

The Leather Link isn’t waterproof the way the Sport Band, Milanese Loop, or Link Bracelet are. 

3.Apple Watch Modern Buckle 

The Modern Buckle leather Apple Watch band is made from the supple Granada leather. Unlike Leather Loop and Leather Link, this band has a two-piece solid magnetic closure that’s delightfully simple to secure and an inner layer of Vectran weave for some added strength. 

The solid buckle makes it easy to adjust to the watch band size. This leather band comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. To no one’s surprise, it’s a slim and sleek leather band for smaller wrists because the band size contains the smaller size( band fits 135 – 150mm wrists), but an incredible and breathable band on the wrists.

4.Apple Watch Hermès leather band

This classic leather band is handmade by artisans in France from Swift leather and features stainless steel buckle. 

Apple watch leather strap

Made of superior leather material, the leather Apple watch band gives you a comfortable and soft feeling. 

How to put on leather apple watch band

It’s the same way to put on and take off the band as the sport band. Here are the following steps:

1. Place the watch upside down over a clean surface like a lint-free, micro-fiber cloth or soft, padded mat. 

2. Slide the Apple Watch band the lugs until you feel and hear a click.

3. Gently pull it up and down to make sure it’s secure. 

If you insert the watch band with it facing the wrong way, it’ll slide out on the other side. To make sure you got it right, the band should stop and clip in place once it reaches the other end. If you want to take off the band, you have to press the release button and slide the watch band out. 

How to clean leather apple watch band

When your leather Apple Watch band gets dirty or sweaty, you have to wipe it clean carefully. Clean your watch band following these instructions:

  • Remove the band from your Apple Watch. 
  • Wipe the leather portions of the bands clean with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth. If necessary, lightly dampen the cloth with fresh water.
  • Let the band air dry thoroughly before you attach it to your Apple Watch. 

However, DON’T:

l soak leather bands in water. The leather bands aren’t water resistant.

l store leather bands in direct sunlight, at high temperatures, or in high humidity.

leather apple watch band
leather apple watch band

Are leather apple watch bands comfortable

The leather Apple Watch band is a great premium choice. The soft leather Apple watch band is extremely comfortable on the wrist. It’s worthy to purchase a leather band if you are allergic to silicone Apple Watch and stainless steel band.

Is the leather band on the apple watch waterproof

Apple Watch leather band isn’t water resistant and absorbs sweat and dirt. Because of that, leather Apple watch band should not be exposed to water for a long time. For example, you cannot wear this watch band in the rain. If your leather watch strap gets wet, it’s of great importance to make sure your band dries out long before your wear it again. 

Can you get a leather Apple watch band

The answer is yes. Apple offers leather Apple Watch bands, but you also get your bands from third-party manufacturers at much lower prices. The leather Apple watch band is a good option to wear during a meeting or attending a formal event. Not only does leather go with any outfit, but leather straps are the best in terms of looks and durability. 



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