What Packaging And Bands Are Available For Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra Package

The Apple Watch Ultra launches this Friday. While it was already known that it features new packaging (with first reviews already out), we got the chance to take a look at the new box, which includes a booklet.

With an adventurous style, the Apple Watch Ultra packaging brings the feel of a brand new Apple product as the company has added more information rather than just instructions and a cable.

YouTuber iJustine gives the best look yet at the Apple Watch Ultra packaging. With a similar opening process, the Watch and band boxes are bigger than usual. The first thing users will note when unboxing this product is a booklet that includes Apple Watch Ultra exclusive band images, an explanation of how the new buttons work, features, pictures of the new design, and more.

The box has a mountain printed on it, and when you open the Apple Watch box, you get the Watch itself with a braided MagSafe Apple Watch cable with a stainless steel finish. Each Apple Watch band box has a different look, although all of them come in a bigger package.

Apple Watch Ultra
The Apple Watch Ultra has a 49mm case in titanium finish, and users can choose between three different bands. Each one is well-suited for a specific workout such as hiking, running, or swimming, for example.

Apple Watch Ultra Bands

Apple Watch Ultra
With the new Apple Watch being available this Friday, customers had a couple of weeks to pre-order this product. Users need to check pickup availability starting September 23, but for those ordering the new Watch and bands, they will take some time to arrive.

Apple Watch Ultra with Alpine Loop: all three sizes and colors will take 4-5 weeks to ship, although the large, Orange Alpine Loop can take up to 7 weeks;

Alpine Loop band in starlight can be delivered within 15 business days, green from 4-5 weeks, and orange from 4-5 weeks;

All Ocean band colors and sizes can be delivered within 15 business days;

Trail Loop band in all colors and sizes can take up to 10 weeks to be delivered.

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