Apple Watch Series 8 Pro: Is that the name?

series 8 pro
series 8 pro

One of the stars of Apple’s “Far out” event next week will be the new high-end redesigned Apple Watch. The new high-end redesigned Apple Watch will be one of the focus Colloquially referred to as the “Apple Watch Pro” so far, the ultimate marketing name remains to be seen, and Apple is known for some surprises. What do you think we’ll see at next week’s event?

Apple Watch series 8 Pro

Rumors have it that the so-called Apple Watch Pro features a larger 47mm case and a 1.99-inch display. This is a significantly larger form factor than the Apple Watch Series 7, which features a 45mm casing and a 1.77-inch display in its largest variant.

It is said that the apple watch pro will be made of the more durable material, titanium. Apple currently sells a version of the Apple Watch Series 7 made from titanium, but it apparently has a new formulation in the works for the Apple Watch Pro that is even more durable. The display will also reportedly use a new flat design, whereas the Apple Watch Series 7 has a rounded display with waterfall-style edges.

Other upgrades to the Apple Watch Pro reportedly include longer battery life, a focus on new “extreme” sports workouts, and upgraded health-tracking features such as a body temperature sensor. That body temperature sensor is also expected to come to the Apple Watch Series 8 as well.

It could be revealed at the “Far out” event.

series 8 pro
series 8 pro

The new, redesigned high-end Apple Watch was originally described as being aimed at extreme sports athletes, thanks to its more durable design and longer battery life. In recent weeks, however, the narrative has shifted more towards the “Apple Watch Pro,” which is aimed at a wider audience.

While the specs and features of Apple’s new products are often leaked ahead of their official launch, those leaks usually come from Apple’s supply chain, not within Apple. For this reason, information such as the marketing name and pricing remains under wraps until Apple’s official announcement.

For this reason, we haven’t actually heard any specific details on what the new variant of the Apple Watch will be called. The Apple Watch Pro seems like the most logical guess, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that Apple product marketing has always surprised us.

This new Apple Watch could be named anything, including Apple Watch Series X, Apple Watch Pro, Apple Watch Extreme, Apple Watch Max, or anything else. It’s anyone’s guess if the “Series 8” number will be included in the name.

What’s your best guess? Let us know in the vote below and detail it in the comments.

What will Apple call its new high-end Apple Watch?



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