Apple Watch Series 8 Colors And New Watch Face

Apple Watch Series 8 will be released in September this year at the same time as the iPhone 14 event. In the meantime, Twitter user and “time traveler from Earth 616” @VNchocoTaco aka ShimpApplePro has disclosed what they’re hearing about the lineup. Details include Apple Watch Series 8 colors, production timing, and more.

We already know much info with the Series 8 family according to the report from Bloomberg. There are not many differences between Apple Watch 8 and 7, while a higher-priced “Pro” version will steal the show. Our friend Shrimp doesn’t have anything to share about that model, but they do echo earlier reporting, which is notable because VNchocoTaco credits the same source behind a leaked label for the Series 7 last year.

Colors Of The New Series 8

According to the Earth 616 time traveler’s source, Apple Watch Series 8 will look like this:

  • 41mm and 45mm like Series 7 design
  • Aluminum in starlight, midnight, product red, and silver
  • Stainless steel in silver, graphite, and gold
  • No titanium model in this version

If this color list were to be comprehensive, it would mean the exit of greens and blues, along with the re-introduction of silver aluminum. This seems plausible considering that Starlight co-exists with silver in the MacBook Air lineup, and Starlight is a warm combination between silver and gold. Last year, Series 7 customers were outspoken about the lack of more neutral colors.

If the rumors are true, that means the watch bands for previous models can also fit the new Series 8. Then you don’t need to waste your money buying some new.

Release Data

Timing-wise, mass production is on track for this month according to their source. This means the standard Series 8 will likely be released a couple of weeks after the Apple event in early September.

ShrimpApplePro hasn’t shared information from their source about the much flashier Apple Watch coming this year however. Bloomberg has extensively reported on a ruggedized version of the Series 8 with a larger display and titanium casing. At any rate, we hope that version is also following the usual release schedule without production delays.

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