Apple Watch Series 3 Features And Is It Good Value?

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  • Is apple watch series 3 waterproof?
  • Is Apple Watch 3 good value?

Apple released the Apple watch series 3 in 2017, along with the Apple 8 and Apple X at the same time. The new release of the Apple watch series 3 is priced at $369. It’s powered by the dual-core Apple S3 processor and was the first Apple Watch to featured cellular connectivity.

Today, Apple sells it only in a GPS variant. The Apple Watch Series 3 keeps the classic design of earlier models but packs in quite a few new features. The features, questions and answer of Apple watch 3 are below. We also list three reasons why you should buy Apple watch 3.

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What Is The Apple Watch 3 Capable of?

Control center

Control center is not only applied on iPhone but also on your Apple watch series 3. Yes, you can use the control center on Apple watch series 3 by simply swiping up the Apple watch then control center will be there. In the control center, you can access or close airplane mode, vibrate mode and WiFi etc, same as the function in iPhone.

Swimming activities tracking

Open the control center on Apple watch series 3 and you’ll see a water drop icon tab. You can tab it to switch to swim mode when you are going to swim. You can also find this setting in watch app setting. It can lock your Apple watch screen then you can enjoy swimming with your watch on. After swimming ashore, you need to spin the watch dial fast to unlock the screen. Then you can also eject the water from Apple watch series 3 speaker.

Emergency SOS contact feature

The feature, emergency call, is a great feature for anyone who need help in an emergency situations. Sometimes it even save your life. It’s also simple to use this feature-only need to hold the side button down. To disable the feature or change your emergency contact details, you need to go to the watch app setting, click “General” and tap the emergency SOS

Make a call

Making and taking calls with your Apple watch series 3 are easy. Simple ask Siri to call someone or open the phone to dial the number. But with Apple watch series 3 GPS only, the watch needs to connect to Wifi and near your watch. If you buy an Apple watch series 3 with GPS + Cellular, you can make a call anywhere even without your iPhone.

The elevated heart notifications

You can enable notifications from the Heart Rate app on your Apple Watch to alert you to high or low heart rates and irregular heart rhythms. Once you switch it on, you will need to pick a threshold between 100 and 150 beats per minute. Your apple watch will show you a notification when you reach past the threshold. Moreover, it will also look for signs of a long-term heart rate problem, which is very useful for anyone who has heart conditions.


The dock feature of Apple Watch series 3 allows you to access specific watch apps easily. You only need to click the side button on the dial. This will show you a list of your recently used applications. If you want to remove apps, you just have to swipe your finger right across any app in your recent list.

To change the apps on your Apple watch dock, you can go to my watch and click the Dock. Here, you’ll be able to pick the apps you want and you don’t want. You can also arrange apps to your liking

Can you Watch Netflix on My Apple Watch Series 3?

Apple Watch officially doesn’t support streaming apps such as Netflix. You cannot download the Netflix app on your apple watch, so streaming your favorite shows and movies currently sound impossible

However, Apple Watch cannot access Netflix, but this does not mean it is impossible to be accessed by any other device. It may be possible to stream Netflix to the Apple Watch through a loophole and you can view the feed from your phone’s camera

Moreover, other streaming services do not have the same programming style as Netflix. If you are a movie fan, you might have trouble accessing Netflix content.

Is Apple Watch Series 3 Waterproof?

No, all apple watch, including Apple watch series 3, are water resistant but not waterproof. Water resistance and waterproof are not the same thing. Waterproof means water cannot get in whatsoever. That’s practically impossible to do. Water resistant means that it’s tougher for water to seep in—but given time and the right conditions, it will leak in to the device.

Apple Watch Series 3 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard. This means that it may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool, ocean, exercise (exposure to sweat is OK) in the rain, and while washing your hands.

Is Apple Watch 3 Good Value?

Is the Apple Watch series 3 still worth buying in 2022? The Apple watch 3 is not the latest Apple watch, but it is good value and can meet the needs of most watch users. Below, we list the three main reasons why should you buy the Apple Watch series 3.


Compared to the Apple Watch SE at $279 and the Apple Watch 6 at $399, the Apple Watch 3 at $199 is a great value. And the most basic features are equipped to meet the needs of most customers.

Tons of great features

The Apple Watch Series 3 packs in all of the essential Apple Watch features and most of what you’d get with the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch 6. Apple Watch 3 can make phone calls, pay with Apple pay, remotely control your phone to take pictures, receive message notifications, use Siri, tracking exercise and sleep, and more. As a fitness and iPhone assistance, the Apple watch 3 is very cost-effective

There are a few features on the newer Apple Watch models that are missing from the Apple Watch 3. The Apple Watch 3 does not have an Always On Display, Compass, ECG, Blood Oxygen detection, and Fall Detection. The new health features are essential for those with specific health concerns, but often go unused by younger and healthier Apple Watch users.

Apple Watch 3 is great as a fitness tracker, but you need to consider how you’ll use the watch in daily life. Apple watch not only help when you are exercising, but also make your life more convenient. Many useful feature do help on daily life. There are many interesting apps you can download from the store while other smartwatches don’t have it.

GPS + Cellular version

If you want to use your Apple Watch without your iPhone when you’re on the go, then you’ll want to get an Apple Watch with cellular. the cheapest Apple Watch with cellular is the Apple Watch SE, which costs $329, more than many people’s budgets. For those who must use the Apple Watch without an iPhone, the Apple Watch 3 with cellular is an option.

While Apple doesn’t actively market it, the Apple Watch 3 Cellular model is available from third-party resellers and sometimes from Apple’s own refurbished stores. You can usually find the Apple Watch 3 series with a cellular phone for about $209, slightly more than the price of a new product purchased directly from Apple. Amazon usually has a good supply of refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular, and you can check the latest prices at this link.

Overall, Apple watch is not the latest model and without some of new features, but it can satisfy most of the user and the price is low. If you just need an Apple Watch to meet your simple daily needs, the Apple Watch 3 is the best choice!



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