Apple Watch Saves Lives: 5 People Share Their Stories

Since it was first introduced to the masses, the Apple Watch has been regarded by many as the wearable iPhone.

You can do many things as the iPhone can do on your wrist, like making calls, sending messages, creating reminders and playing music. Of course, the Apple Watch also dabbled in fitness, allowing you to track workouts, keep an eye on your heart rate, and of course, count your steps. However, in recent years, Apple has been focusing more on your health.

These days when you are with your best Apple Watch, you’re treated to a whole host of health features that could literally save your life. Fall detection, irregular heart rhythm notifications, blood oxygen monitoring, and more.

The life-saving capabilities are well documented. Here are five times the Apple Watch saved somebody’s life and how it did it. 

1. Apple Watch saves a Nebraska farmer’s life

In June 2020, 92-year-old Jim Salsman went tumbling down over 20 feet to the ground when he went up on a ladder to shoo away some pigeons from a grain bin. However, the wind knocked the ladder over so he fell down. All alone, Jim attempted to use Siri to contact someone, but the Apple Watch already fixed it.

How did the Apple Watch save him?

As intended, Fall Detection on his Apple Watch was triggered when he tumbled to the ground. That sent out an emergency alert to the local volunteer fire department. Not only did it reach out to emergency services, but the responders were also able to find him due to the GPS location from his Apple Watch.

2. Apple Watch Saves a Georgia man with blood clots’ life

Keith Simpson bought an Apple Watch because he took up photography to get out and stay active. Then one day, he started to feel sick. His wife told him he looked flushed, so he checked his heart rate on his Apple Watch.

How did the Apple Watch save him?

His Apple Watch informed him that his heart rate had dropped to well below normal and encouraged him to seek medical attention. At the hospital, he found out that he had seven blood clots that they were able to treat. While the Apple Watch didn’t call for emergency help right away in this instance, Simpson credits the Apple Watch for saving his life by encouraging him to get help. The Apple watch saved this life by encouraging him to seek help at the hospital.

A fit watch band helps you to get accurate data when you check your heart rate. It will fit well around your wrist. Usually, a stretchy band in the right size is the perfect option to wear when you check heart rate.

3. Apple Watch saves a New Hampshire resident’s life

William Rogers was skating at Salmon Falls River when he fell through a thin patch of ice. He attempted to pull himself up out of the water several times but the ice kept breaking underneath him.

How did the Apple Watch save him?

His temperature was getting lower and lower so they didn’t have much time to think. Rogers remembered that he had his Apple Watch on him. The Apple watch can still worked well and was able to call emergency service because its water resistance.

4. Apple Watch helps a woman find a heart tumor

Kim Durkee bought an Apple Watch to count her steps, but after wearing it on her wrist for two years, something strange happened. Apple Watch notifies her of an irregular heartbeat that may be caused by atrial fibrillation.
How did the Apple Watch save her life?

The first time it happened, she thought it must be a mistake, but the Apple Watch kept warning her for the next few days. After some tests with medical staff, she was shocked to learn she had a noncancerous heart tumor. She needed surgery to remove the tumor, and now she says her Apple Watch will never come off.

5. A man’s Apple Watch Detects A-Fib earlier than doctors

Chris Mint is a 30-year-old sport lover and he use Apple watch to track his workouts. One day it started giving him notifications that he may potentially have atrial fibrillation: a condition that can be fatal if not treated and monitored properly.

How did the Apple Watch save him?

When he go to the hospital, a doctor told him that his Apple Watch was likely mistaken, but they did a full check-up anyways. When Mint saw a specialist, they confirmed that he did indeed have two leaking heart valves. Doctors told him that without the message from the Apple Watch, it’s possible the undiagnosed condition could have caused a heart attack or stroke. 

The Apple Watch advertises itself

Stories like this recently convinced me to buy an Apple Watch for my mother for her 60th birthday this year. And this is just a small handful of stories out of dozens you could choose from that showcase the Apple Watch’s ability to save lives.

Whether it’s calling emergency services for you, notifying you of potentially serious heart conditions, or just being a device that can make calls when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in emergency situations, the Apple Watch is an incredible device. 



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