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  • Did apple discontinue rose gold
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  • Is apple 6 watch gold or rose gold
  • Is the gold apple watch actually rose gold
  • What colors look good with apple watch rose gold

Apple released the color rose gold in 2015. it was applied on iPhone and Apple watch and many people are the fans of Apple Watch rose gold at that time. But now, the rose gold color seems like disappear no matter on iPhone or Apple watch.

So what happen to the color rose gold and If there is no rose gold for Apple watch anymore, then is there any other different gold to choose? This article focuses on the reasons for the discontinuation of rose gold and introduces several other different gold Apple Watches.

apple watch rose gold

Did Apple discontinue rose gold?

Dating back to 2015, Apple first launched the Apple iPhone 6s cell phone, rose gold this color is also debut in the public view. After that the first generation of Apple iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are available in rose gold this color. But by the time the launch of the Apple 8 phone was released in 2016, Apple stopped offering rose gold and replaced it with a regular gold color.

Why did Apple discontinue Apple Watch rose gold?

Pricing for the original Apple Watch Edition range started at $10,000 and went up to $17,000. The quiet stop of the gold and rose gold models clearly indicates that they did not sell well enough to justify keeping them in the range.

Can you get an Apple Watch rose gold?

There are only Apple watch series 2 having the rose gold option to choose. For other models, there are regular gold color but not rose gold. A new color gold aluminium was leased for Apple watch series 3 and a gold stainless steel for Apple watch series 4

Is Apple 6 watch gold or rose gold?

For a softer look, the Apple 6 Series and SE have an aluminium gold finish that incorporates shades of pink and copper, reminiscent of the rose gold of the past. Although the lighter color are very appropriate for the strap, gold works well with some of the darker color, such as black, navy and even orange.

apple watch rose gold

Is the gold apple watch actually rose gold?

The colors of the device published by Apple come in three colors: silver, gold and space grey. The gold with the addition of rose tones may let you create an illusion that the gold is rose gold. But remember: it is not rose gold and there are a few differences.

It seems that there are many “gold” colors: rose gold, pink gold, gold stainless steel and gold aluminium. Then what’s the difference among them?

Ok, firstly. The gold aluminium of Apple watch series 1 and 2 is different with the gold aluminium of the latter models. The new gold is deeper than the previous one, more coppery gold than the original gold was and add many other color hues, so that’s weird to call the color “gold”.

It is just a combination of champagne, copper and a little bit gold. When we mention color gold, we always think about yellow gold.

Apple watch series 3 discontinued rose gold, but the new gold was more closer to coppery yellow not yellow gold, which may frustrated many customers. The new gold was also applied in Apple watch series 4, the new iPhone xs and iPhone Xs Max. Gold is not yellow gold, it is coppery gold. However, the gold color is different from the iPhone 11 again.

If you search pics of Apple watch rose gold, you’ll see that there are lots of pics and the watch body are pinky. Many people call the pink gold “rose gold”. Apple Watch site called both color “gold & rose gold”.

Apple released a classic stainless steel gold since Apple watch series 4. The color perfectly matches the magnetic band in the same color. The stainless steel model offers better materials.

The stainless steel Apple Watch is much, much harder. Still, stainless steel does have a drawback — scratches are more noticeable than the aluminum version. As you could see in the pic, the stainless steel gold is totally different from the aluminum gold.

What colors look good with Apple Watch rose gold?

What color of the strap perfectly fit a rose gold series 2 apple watch. The Apple watch band with the same hue as the Apple watch rose gold, like pink, champagne etc. Deep color bands like black, deep green and navy blue may not the good options for the Apple watch rose gold. Mixing the right band colors with your Apple watch is more important than you could imagine.



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