‘Apple Watch Pro’ Model Rumors: Everything you need to know

Could Apple release a more rugged ‘Pro’ version of the Apple Watch? Here are all the rumors so far.

Apple watch pro
Apple watch pro

Apple is going to launch its new iPhone on September 7. In the meantime, it will also unveil new versions of the Apple watch. However, it is also expected to unveil an exciting new model of the watch we’ve never seen before.

We have heard a few rumors worth discussing before the launch. Here’s everything you need to know about the rumored Apple Watch Pro. 

Is it called ‘Apple Watch Pro’?

There are different names to call the coming new Apple watch model, like Apple Watch Explorer Edition or Extreme Sports edition. But most recently, it was called Apple Watch Pro. Mark Gurman suggested that the company will likely use its “Pro” branding, like many of its other products, and simply call it the Apple Watch Pro.

What’s more, the name Explorer Edition is what Apple calls the device which backs in March, according to Mark Gurman. We know from past experience that what Apple refers to as products internally is not always what the product is called once it hits the shelves for consumers.

Whether it’s Apple Watch Pro or Apple Watch Explorer Edition, it should have some key differences from the standard Apple Watch Series 8 model. 

New Design and finishes?

Apple watch pro
Apple watch pro

Mark Gurman said the Apple Watch Pro model might be the first model to have a major redesign since 2018. You may remember that before the Apple Watch Series 7 launched last year, there was lots of talk about a later and more squared-off design. However, Gurman says he believes the redesign will still be shaped similarly to what we have seen before.  

Gurman also predicts that the new Apple watch pro may have a 7% larger display and a titanium housing than the previous model. This also fits in with the rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Series 8 ditching the option of a titanium finish altogether so that it can be reserved for the Pro model of the device. 

In a report at the end of August, Macotakara said that the Apple Watch Pro could feature a flat display that has been rumored to come to an Apple Watch for the last couple of years. It also said that the Pro version will be the largest watch Apple has ever made:

“The all-new Apple Watch design will have a flat display in a metal casing like the iPhone 13 Pro and will likely only be available in the 47mm size, sources said.”

Because the new Apple watch pro has a larger size, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that, though existing watch bands may compatible with the Apple Watch Pro, they “won’t fit as well or look as seamless given the size of the new watch.” Gurman believes that Apple will roll out a new size of Apple Watch band in order to fit more appropriately with the larger size of the Apple Watch Pro.

Battery life improvements

Almost all Apple watch users are expecting a major improvement in the Apple watch battery. Gurman believes that the Apple Watch Pro could be in for an improvement that could allow the device to last for multiple days. There’s a catch, though; it may be thanks to a new “low-power mode.”

Details on what that low-power mode will let you do or how it will function are basically zero right now. Regardless, multiple-day battery life is an absolute must for the Apple Watch Pro if the company wants to compete with the Garmin and Polar smartwatches out there. 

Chip and connectivity

Apple watch pro
Apple watch pro

If Apple does release this Apple Watch Pro alongside the Apple Watch Series 8, expect it to feature the same chip — whatever it ends up being called. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously claimed the name would be S8 but that it would be similar to previous chips(opens in new tab) used in older Apple Watches.

As for connectivity, we didn’t hear any rumors about it, but a cellular Apple Watch Pro seems like a given. Consider the use case for this kind of wearable. People are unlikely to want to take their iPhones with them when enjoying the kinds of sports where a rugged, more extreme sport-focused watch would be required. Call this an educated guess on my part, but it certainly seems more than plausible. 

Release date and price

Apple’s Far Out event is slated for September 7, 2022. We expect that is when the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 will be announced. All current rumors indicate the Apple Watch Pro being revealed simultaneously, but we never really know what Apple will or will not announce at these events.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Pro will likely begin on September 9, with a release date of Friday, September 16. However, because this is a brand new product for Apple, it’s always possible that Apple announces the Apple Watch Pro weeks or months in advance of its release.

Regarding price, Gurman thinks it will be expensive, which certainly sounds plausible. He gave a vague $900 – $1,000 window price range as a guess, based on the rumors of its new features, titanium finish, and slightly bigger display. If you look at some of the other smartwatches in the space, around $1,000 is pretty par for the course. In other words, I wouldn’t expect it to be very affordable.

Wait for it to release in September ‘Far out’ Apple event

With the September Apple event around the corner, we’re excited about all of the possibilities for new devices, particularly when it comes to Apple Watch. An Apple Watch Pro would be the first of its kind and could potentially introduce a new design to the stagnant Apple Watch design that has been standard all these years. Now, we just have to wait and see what goodies will come out of the anticipated event. 



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