Apple Watch GPS-Only And GPS + Cellular

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  • What does it mean when an apple watch says gps and cellular
  • What does it mean when an apple watch is gps only
  • Which apple watch has the best gps
  • Do you have to pay for apple watch gps and cellular
  • Can you add gps and cellular on apple watch after purchase
  • Is it better to get Apple watch gps or gps + cellular apple watch

When you intend to purchase an Apple watch, after confirming which model you like, the next problem is which one you should buy? Apple watch GPS or GPS + Cellular. Do you still don’t know what Apple Watch GPS and GPS + Cellular are? This article will help you know the meaning of GPS-only Apple Watch and GPS + Cellular Apple Watch. What’s more, we will talk about the difference of these two model and help you decide which one you should buy.

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What does it mean when an Apple Watch says GPS and cellular?

If you get an Apple watch with GPS+ Cellular, that mean you can text, call and use your Apple watch even when your iPhone is far away and there is no WiFi to access data. The Apple watch GPS + cellular is able to piggyback off your current carrier plan which need to pay an additional fee monthly, usually around $10. The Apple watch GPS + cellular  come with LTE connectivity. Therefore, you can get internet and phone connectivity when you without your phone. There are a cellular radio and eSIM card inserted inside the Apple watch GPS + cellular, which support the watch to have a cellular service plan.

What does it mean when an Apple Watch is GPS only?

The Apple watch GPS can only use your iPhone or WiFi to access data. It is the lightest and relatively most inexpensive of all the series models. Compared with the last Apple watch GPS + cellular model, the Apple watch GPS gets a longer battery life. That’s because it doesn’t have a cellular chip.

Unlike GPS + cellular Apple watch, you are not able to have the phone-based functions like text, call and streaming music to wireless headphones when your iPhone and Apple watch are in a different places.

However, in terms of activity and location tracking, the GPS only model can still perform without the iPhone, such as sport record, sleep tracking, ECG, compass, apple pay and recording etc.

Which Apple Watch has the best GPS?

Best overall: Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS

The aluminum-bodied Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS is our pick best all-around model because of the price

Do you have to pay for Apple Watch GPS and cellular?

The data plan for the GPS+Cellular Apple Watch is not already included in the purchase price. The data plan is an extra monthly expense. A data plan for an Apple Watch costs around $10 a month and is available from various cellular service providers.

Can you add GPS and cellular on Apple Watch after purchase?

No you cannot. The Apple watch GPS and GPS + Cellular apple watch are different model. The cellular chip isn’t inserted inside the gps one. So once you choose the Apple Watch GPS, you can’t add cellular anymore.

Is it better to get Apple watch gps or GPS + cellular apple watch?

When you select your preferred model on the Apple website, you are confronted with another important decision. GPS or GPS + Cellular? The Cellular variant is the more expensive one but what other differences are there? Do you need the expensive Apple Watch GPS + Cellular version or do you think you will be better off with the Apple watch GPS version? Let’s take a closer look at both of them to find out.


The biggest difference between Apple watch GPS and GPS + Celulalr Apple Watch is the network connection. GPS + Celulalr Apple Watch allows you to make phone calls and send messages without having your cell phone with you and keep your Apple Watch connected. While Apple Watch GPS needs to be nearby the iPhone then the watch can finish these things above. GPS+Cellular Apple Watch allows you to not have to carry your phone with you all the time, which is very convenient. And Apple Watch GPS can reduce your load when you exercise. GPS+Cellular apple watch is better than apple watch GPS in terms of function. So of course, GPS+Cellular one is more expensive. Cellular Apple Watch will cost $50-100 more than Apple watch GPS.

Family Setup

For those who don’t have iPhone but they want to use Apple watch, Family setup can help, no need to buy a new iPhone. Just use Family setup to initially set up an Apple watch then the watch can be used untethered. Family Setup is one of the most important factor you need to consider when you buy an Apple Watch because only Cellular + GPS model can use this function.

At present, you can only use family setup on Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular and Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular.

Apple Watch Cellular vs. GPS: Case and screen material

The current Apple watch GPS only have aluminum bodies, which are Apple 7, Apple 3, and Apple SE. And GPS + Cellular Apple watch has aluminum, stainless steel and titanium alloy, of which the Apple 7 has aluminum, stainless steel and titanium alloy body, and the Apple SE has only aluminum body

The aluminum Apple watch has a lon-X glass display. Stainless steel and titanium straps use a sapphire crystal display. lon-X glass is softer than sapphire crystal and can withstand more impact, but is more easily scratched. Besides, sapphire crystal will not be as easily scratched, but if you drop the watch, it will break more easily.

Battery Life and price

The Apple Watch GPS has better battery life than the GPS + Cellular Apple Watch because it has cellular chip inside, but only while using GPS + Cellular.

The final metric that separates these two devices is the price: The Apple Watch GPS SE starts at $279 for a 40mm aluminum case, while the GPS + Cellular SE starts at $329.

The Apple Watch GPS Series 7 starts at $399 for a 41mm aluminum case, and the GPS + Cellular Apple Watch Series 7 with the same case starts at $499.

Is it worth paying extra for Apple Watch cellular?

In fact, nobody can tell the only answer. It all depends on you. However, there are some questions you can refer when you swing between Apple Watch GPS and GPS + Cellular. They include:

  • Does your carrier support Apple Watch cellular?
  • Do you often go out without your phone? And you still want to stay connected to the internet?
  • Do you stream podcasts and Apple music when your phone isn’t with you?
  • Are you interested in the family setup feature?
  • Do you want the nicer case material, more storage?

If you have answered yes to two or more of these questions, then you would probably benefit from owning an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity. Then price might well be worth it.



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