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Apple watch different cases

The Apple Watch is currently available in three different materials: aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium. While aluminium and stainless steel were always a staple in Apple’s lineup, the titanium version only makes guest appearances from time to time.

The three versions come at three different price points and have their own perks. Now, which one you choose is extremely important as it will greatly define the overall experience you have with the watch, so without further adieu, let’s find the version that best suits your needs.

apple watch series 3


Apple is currently selling three watch series: the Apple Series 3, Apple Series 7, and Apple SE. Apple Series 3 and Apple SE are available in aluminium. However, the Apple Series 7 is available in all three materials. So you only get the choice of materials when deciding between the apple series 7. If you made up your mind in getting the Apple series 3 or the SE, you only have the aluminium option.


As mentioned earlier, there are 3 different price points for the choice of materials, with the stainless steel and titanium models being a little more expensive than the aluminium ones. In the UK, you can choose the Apple Series 7 aluminium model for around £369, while getting the stainless steel model will cost you £230, or £599. For the exclusive titanium model, you’ll have to fork out another £100, bringing the total cost to around £600. That’s some serious money, so if you’re looking for a budget option, aluminium is your best bet. 

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Durability and strength

Compared to stainless steel and titanium, aluminium is more prone to cracking as it is a softer material. However, this is not a major problem as aluminium cases are still quite difficult to break on contact.

When it comes to the appearance of minor scratches and micro-damage, aluminium has an advantage. Although the metal case is not scratch resistant, it has a smooth matte look that can hide minor scuffs on the watch. So if you hate those tiny scratches that are visible with the slightest inspection, you might consider an aluminium model.

Titanium is the hardest and it won’t crack or shatter on impact. This adds to its durability and makes it ideal for use in sports and other types of strenuous activity. But its glossy appearance makes all scratches and fingerprints visible on closer inspection, which can take away from the beauty of the Apple Watch.

So if you want the most durable material and don’t mind the occasional scratch or fingerprint mark, go for titanium. If you can’t stand the slightest scratch or fingerprint on your Apple Watch, then get aluminium (its matte finish hides smudges well). If you want the best of both worlds (fewer scratches and greater durability), get stainless steel.


apple watch band for workout

Stainless steel and titanium are similar in density (titanium is a little heavier than stainless steel) and also 2.5 times heavier than aluminium. When comparing the two Apple Series 7 models, the stainless steel version weighs around 10 grams more than the aluminium version. 

So, if you don’t want to carry a heavier watch, or have smaller wrists that make carrying a heavier watch more difficult, get the aluminium one. However, if you like the feeling of extra weight that stainless steel and titanium watches offer, you will prefer them.


Stainless steel and titanium versions are a more luxurious alternative to the aluminium Apple Watch. They have a glossy finish and a pleasing appearance. The stainless steel variants are ideal for those who prefer a traditional watch or want something visually pleasing to the eye. The titanium models look elegant and, when paired with the right strap, look classy.

On the other hand, the metal Apple Watch is no less attractive. If you prefer a matte finish to an ornate one, then the aluminium Apple Watch is the one for you.

Apple watch milanese loop band

No buckle needed, easily stick and lock your watch band to hold your iWatch securely. Various fashionable metal bands for Apple watch to fit your outfits and mood on all occasions.

which apple band look better with the watch

Silicone sport Apple band

The perfect type of Apple watch band for workout. It is lightweight, durable and soft. Multiple colors and styles are available to choose. You can definitely find an Apple watch band fit your watch, even thought the Apple watch Aluminium which have many colors. 

Stainless steel band

If you need an Apple band for some formal occasions, you’ll need an Apple watch band which looks more luxury and formal. Then metal band would be the best option. Compared with the metal Apple watch band, other types of Apple watch bands can’t bring the same feeling and texture. 

The stainless steel band is one of the metal Apple bands and many Apple watch users may have this one. What’s more, the metal band’s texture is the same as Apple watch stainless steel. 

Milanese loop band

It is other types of metal Apple bands but in a different style with a magnetic buckle. It is easy to adjust the size. 

Nylon solo loop

The second choice of sport Apple band. If you are allergic to silicone material, you can try this one. The woven nylon is soft and comfortable. 



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