Apple watch 7 titanium and its best band color options

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The Apple Watch 7 Titanium comes with the highest price tag, due to how strong the material is. It’s duller than the Stainless Steel models, but it can last longer under harsher conditions. The matte finish of the Titanium doesn’t show scratches as easily, making sure it’ll look great even as time passes. 

The stainless steel is more shiny while the Apple watch Titanium is matte and Brushed which is more texture. It’s available in two colors only — Space Black and Titanium. 

apple watch 7 titanium

how to choose apple watch band color

Here are five colors Apple watch 7 Titanium and if you get one of them, how do you choose the color of Apple watch band that best matches the Apple watch? Here is a tip: You can choose the color which is the same hue as the Apple watch you bought or the contrasted color of the color of the Apple watch. 

Colors in the same hue is like deep blue and light blue which complement each other and people won’t get tired to the match. Contrasted colors is like blue and orange which can highlight the watch and band, catching eyes at the first sight. You need to choose the color according to the color of the Apple watch you bought. 

Apple Watch 7 Titanium space black

space black

The space black is one of the most famous color for Apple watch. It is like a mixture of deep gray and black. It looks like black sometimes. Very low key color. 

If you are a low key person but think the jet-black Apple watch is dull, you can try this Space black Apple watch. The pic of the space black is so so but when you see the real product, it will definitely surprise you. 

Apple Watch 7 Titanium titanium

The Titanium color is similar to the color silver but because of the Titanium material, the color is not as shine and bright as the silver one. The Titanium one is more texture and matte which looks more classic, nostalgic and high-end. The color may not catch your eye at the first glance, but you won’t get tired of it.

how to choose Apple watch bands for the apple watch 7 titanium

You can try any Apple watch bands on the Titanium model. The space black and the Titanium color can fit most of type of Apple watch bands. You can choose the color as you like. You can choose the most trending color green Apple watch band to match these two colors. 

The watch and the band are low key and suitable for each other very much. If you choose a red band, that is embellish your watch and wrist to make it eyes catching so that people notice you at the first glance. If you choose white or black which is simple but classical, it is better to wear them while doing workout. If you would like other vivid color, there are also mango yellow, teal, rainbow and so on. 

Both of the two colors of Apple Watch 7 Titanium are easy to match with other colors. You could choose the color based on your preference. And the space black and Titanium color are unisex. 

But it seems that the most buyers of Apple watch 7 Titanium is male. They will choose an Apple watch band in deep color like black or gray. If you are a girl, don’t worry the watch is not suitable for you. You can choose a girlish and feminine color to decorate the watch. 



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