Apple watch 7 stainless steel and its best band color options

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The Apple Watch 7 Stainless Steel comes with a higher price tag for the added shine and durability it brings. It looks more premium than the Aluminum model, but it comes in fewer color options. You can choose from Silver, Gold, and Graphite. These colors have a more formal vibe to them, compared to some of the “fun” Aluminum colors. 

apple watch 7 stainless steel

How to choose the apple watch band color

Here are five colors of the Apple Watch 7 Stainless Steel and if you get one of them, how do you choose the color of the Apple watch band that best matches the Apple watch? Here is a tip: You can choose the color which is the same hue as the Apple watch you bought or the contrasting color of the Apple watch. 

Colors in the same hue are deep blue and light blue which complement each other and people won’t get tired of the match. Contrasting colors are blue and orange which can highlight the watch and band, catching eyes at the first sight. You need to choose the color according to the color of the Apple watch you bought.

Silver apple watch 7 stainless steel

Many people will argue that the silver stainless steel Apple Watch is the best one to get. It’s sleek, neutral, and is the least likely to show scratches picked up during daily wear.

Gold apple watch 7 Stainless Steel

Last but certainly not least, there’s the Apple Watch 7 stainless steel in gold. This is the Apple Watch to get if you want to be as luxurious as possible. The heft of the stainless steel paired with the shiny gold color is bound to be overkill for some shoppers. But for others, it’ll be just the style they’re searching for.

Graphite apple watch 7 Stainless Steel

But if you’re OK with painted stainless steel, the graphite color looks outstanding. It has the same weight and heft as the silver option, but it replaces the natural silver color with a discrete gray one. If you’re trying to create the stealthiest Apple Watch aesthetic possible, this is the way to go. 

The smooth surface of the stainless steel Apple watch looks high-end. Because of the material, the Stainless Steel Apple watch may more likely be used on formal occasions then it is better to wear metal bands that are suitable than the silicone band. Metal bands like stainless steel bands or Milanese loop bands are a nice choice. 

As for the color, the perfect color of the Apple watch band for this type of Apple watch is the same color hue. The metal band fits the Apple watch stainless steel case in the same color perfectly, unifying the watch and the band. This match is perfect for some formal occasions like parties, working place and so on. 

For a silver Apple watch 7 Stainless Steel, a silver stainless steel band and a silver Milanese band are nice choices. The other two color watches are the same. You can choose a gold or rose gold metal band for a gold Apple watch and black or space gray for a graphite Apple watch. 

Apple watch milanese loop band

No buckle needed, easily stick and lock your watch band to hold your iWatch securely. Various fashionable metal bands for Apple watch to fit your outfits and mood on all occasions.

Some ladies may think the stainless steel band and the Milanese loop band are too masculine. Then here is a style designed for women. 

The metal band is optimal for the Apple watch 7 Stainless Steel. However, it is not a good choice to wear casually. When you are doing workout or swimming, the metal band is not lightweight and comfortable enough. 

What’s more, the metal band is easy to gets rust and corrosion. So the metal band is not suitable to be worn when workout and swimming. 

The second choice of the Apple Watch 7 stainless steel is a silicone band. The silicone band is lightweight, breathable and durable. The first option for sports. The silver and graphite Apple watch look good with Apple watch silicone bands in any color. As for the gold Apple watch, you can choose some Apple watch bands in gold hue. 



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