Apple watch 7 Aluminum and its best band color options

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Apple watch 7 aluminum

The newest model Apple watch 7 has three different case options which is Aluminum, stainless steel and Titanium and every different case has different colors. We will introduce the Apple watch 7 Aluminum colors and the best-matched band color options for each color. 

The Apple Watch 7 Aluminum is the cheapest and most popular model because more colors available than the other two Apple watches. It’s built from recycled, durable aluminum, and it comes in five color options. You can choose from Blue, Midnight, Starlight, Green, and (PRODUCT) RED. 

Some of these colors are new colors that it is the first to perform in public as Apple Watch 7 Aluminum new colors. The other colors have been used before for the previous models. 

apple watch 7 aluminum

How to choose the apple watch band color

Here are five colors of Apple watch 7 Aluminum and if you get one of them, how do you choose the color of the Apple watch band that best matches the Apple watch? Here is a tip: You can choose the color which is the same hue as the Apple watch you bought or the contrasting color of the Apple watch. 

Colors in the same hue are deep blue and light blue which complement each other and people won’t get tired of the match. Contrasting colors are like blue and orange which can highlight the watch and band, catching eyes at the first sight. You need to choose the color according to the color of the Apple watch you bought.

Blue Apple Watch 7 Aluminum

The blue color is also available on the last model Apple watch series 6 and iPhone 13. But the Apple Watch 7 Aluminum screen is 20% larger than the series 6. 

The blue color is common and you can see this color is commonly used in many products like electronic products, notebooks and the famous car Lamborghini adopt the blue color for its car. The blue isn’t light. It is more like deep blue. The Aluminum material makes the blue surface shiny and texture. 

As we wrote above, the best color match should be in the same hue or a contrasting color. So the answer is easy to get. We can try Apple watch bands in different blues like deep blue, light blue and navy blue. We can also try the contrasting color orange. 

Here we found several silicone bands in blue. They fit the blue Apple watch case perfectly. 

blue apple watch band

Midnight Apple Watch 7 Aluminum

It is a new color that is only available on the Apple Watch 7 Aluminum and iPhone 13. Many people may think it is actually black or space gray but it is a little different. 

As you can see from the pic, comparing the midnight color with the space gray color, you can clearly see the blue tone of the midnight color. It is more like a mixture of deep navy blue and deep gray. 

Starting at the top of the list, midnight is the most subdued color. It’s darker than space gray and is reminiscent of a matte black. Some folks might find it a bit boring, but for anyone who wants their watch to be sleek and stealthy, midnight looks to be a fantastic option.

The midnight color is not pure black or pure gray. It seems like a mixture of black, gray and a little bit blue. If you need to find a color in the same hue, you can find it in a dark gray hue or dark blue hue. 

Then the watch case and the watch band complement each other. For the contrasting color, light and bright colors like white, beige, mango yellow and teal would be the best. 

Starlight Apple Watch 7 Aluminum

Starlight replaces silver for the Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini, and iPhone 13. It’s more of a champagne color than silver and more cream-colored than white. 

The starlight color is like the color of the pearl, giving people a shiny, high-end and soft feeling. Many girls may get this color. 

Starlight is the most neutral color and replaces the previous silver style. Compared to silver, starlight almost appears to be slightly tan. It doesn’t do anything to draw attention to itself, but again, that’s exactly what some people want from their Apple Watch.

The starlight is the only light color among the five colors. 

green apple watch band

Green Apple Watch 7 Aluminum

The most popular color of Apple products this year. The green is dark green with low value and chroma which is low key. Sometimes it even looks black which makes many Apple users think it is too dark. 

It is easy to match your watch band and your dress. It is a new color and caused a trending fashion of the green Apple watch band. 

Green is one of the hero colors this year, but it’s very subtle. In fact, in most lights you’d think you had a black Watch. But catch the light just right and you can see the deep, bottle-green hue shine out. It’s subtle but distinct—which is a good summary of this year’s design overall.

If someone wants a bit of pizazz without going overboard, the green Apple Watch 7 Aluminum could be a perfect middle ground. It’s a very dark green that could actually be mistaken for black at a glance.

It is easy to find an Apple watch band to match a green Apple watch because there are a lot of green hue watch bands like deep green, olive green, clover and light green and so on. 

For this green Apple watch, you can also try Apple watch bands in gray or black because the green watch may look like black sometimes. In the contrast, We can pick Apple watch bands in a light color like white, or red to highlight the watch. 

Red Apple Watch 7 Aluminum

It is like the color of red chili which is a vivid and passionate vibe. Unlike the other four colors, the red one is in a lofty tone. The bright red is catching eyes all the time. 

Similarly, the red Series 7 is every bit as vibrant as its blue counterpart. Blue and red may be more difficult to pair with certain Apple Watch bands down the road, so keep that in mind before going all-in with an intense color like that.

The Red Apple watch band is the optimal color for the red Apple watch. The watch itself is eyes catching with its red color. With the same color red band, the whole watch and band are 



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