A new shade of (PRODUCT)RED might come with Apple Watch Series 8

If you like the (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch, this could be your year.

apple watch series 8
apple watch series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 might not have many differences from the previous model. But the shade of red color on the (PRODUCT)RED colorway is one of the changes.

The Apple leaker ShrimpApplePro said the new Apple Watch 8 will have the same case size as the Apple watch series 7, 41mm and 45mm.

One of the changes mentioned is the new shade of red for the (PRODUCT)RED colorway for Series 8.

Apple Watch Pro Rocks this year

The color change is just a micro change. The leaker also said the Apple watch series 8 is a little different from the series 7 model.

It seems that the Apple watch Pro will be released this year. The rumored version will be the company’s first addition to the Apple Watch lineup since the Apple Watch SE launched in September 2020.

It is said that the Apple watch pro is made from titanium. Other Apple leakers, like Mark Gurman, say the company chose the material because it’s lighter than stainless steel, but it makes the Apple Watch Pro more durable than its aluminum counterparts.

apple watch series 8
apple watch series 8

The watch is also expected to feature a larger display inside a 47mm case, making it the largest Apple Watch the company has ever seen. There are also expectations that it could feature the long-rumored flat-edge design that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12.

Apple watch pro is also expected to have a larger battery due to the larger screen. This makes sense as the watch is expected to be aimed at people who need longer battery life, such as hikers, campers, etc.

we will know when the products are released. Apple will hold a special “Far Out” event on Wednesday, September 7th. The company is expected to launch the iPhone 14 and AirPods Pro 2 in addition to the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro.



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