7 Funny things to do with your apple watch

  • Walkie-talkie
  • Apple fitness plus
  • Turn your screen off by patting screen
  • Siri
  • Hand gestures
  • Mute your watch by covering it up
  • Talk to your car

6 annoying problems of Apple watch and their fixes

  • Unresponsive Apple Watch
  • Digital Crown
  • Black Screen
  • Low Battery
  • Apple Watch can’t Receive Notifications
  • Apple Watch won’t Connect to LTE

7 Funny things to do with your apple watch

Apple watch, such a versatile smartwatch, focuses on people’s health and fitness. Apple watch not only makes your life more convenient but also brings you more fun and surprise. There is a list of 7 funny and cool features of Apple watch and you can try them on your watch!

problems of apple watch


It is a funny way to quickly chat with your friend who also has an Apple watch, wrist to wrist. To get going, you and the person you’d like to talk with need to set up the FaceTime app on your iPhone. This app enables you to make and receive FaceTime audio calls. This feature allows you to talk to your friend instantly but please make sure your friend is not in a meeting when you use it!

Apple fitness plus

The latest Apple Watch 7 allows you to work out up to 32 friends everywhere and you need to subscribe to Apple Fitness Plus, Apple’s streaming exercise service. You can talk to your friend when workout using walkie-talkie and share what Apple watch band you wear for exercise.

A perfect band for exercise needs to meet these three requirements: lightweight, breathable, and durable. solo loop band is perfect for workouts. It is made of lightweight, soft and breathable silicone. And you won’t feel the band on your wrist!

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Turn your screen off by patting screen

Raising your wrist, your watch screen will be bright and patting your watch screen with your palm, the watch screen will turn black. It is a cool and funny feature of Apple watch and people will know you own an Apple watch. Some people may pat their screen often to show off they have an Apple, which is interesting.


Apple Watch was designed for quick interaction and to get information wherever and whenever you need it most. The best way to interact with your watch is by your voice. It is an assistant feature of Apple watch. If you need to do or know something on your watch, you can just simply wake the Siri and speak to it on the watch without moving your finger. Then set a voice order and Siri will help.

Hand gestures

Just finishing a specific hand gesture, you can control your watch hands-free! Open the Settings app or the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Hand Gestures. Tap a gesture, then select the action that you want to perform when you make that gesture. This feature is so cool that you don’t have to click the screen to control the watch. It is convenient likes magic.

problems of apple watch

Mute your watch by covering it up

Apple Watch makes sounds when you get a notification. If you have an important meeting or movie, you need to mute your watch in advance. Covering your watch screen with your hand for three seconds can mute your watch.

To enable this feature, head to Setting>Sounds&Haptics on your watch, then switch to the green position Cover to Mute.

Talk to your car

If you’ve got a modern automobile, your Apple Watch may offer you ways to check on your car’s status and even interact with it. Offerings from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, VW and more let you do things like lock and unlock your car’s doors, honk the horn, check battery levels on electric cars, and even help you find your parked car.

Have you ever tried these 7 cool and funny features? If not, wear your watch and try these funny features. You will love them! There are also many hidden funny features of Apple watch. If you know other funny features, you can comment below and we will test them and update the article!

However, as the most successful and useful smartwatch on the market, there are still some common, annoying problems of Apple watch that frustrate its users. We also listed 8 common issues of Apple watches and the ways to fix them.

6 annoying problems of Apple watch and their fixes

Unresponsive Apple Watch

Why your Apple watch is unresponsive and how to fix it? That’s an annoying problems of Apple watch.

Dirty hand and screen. Dirty hand and screen will affect the screen responsiveness. Check your finger and screen. Wash your hand and use a cloth to clean the screen.

Apple Watch has frozen. Restart and the great majority of problems will be solved. If your watch has frozen, you can press and hold the Digital Crown and side button until you see the Apple logo to force a restart.

Storage has been full. Full storage would hinder the watch operation. You can delete some unused apps when you are low on storage.

Update Apple watch. You can update the Apple watch system to refresh. Many systematical issues can be solved by updates.

Long-time usage. Using the watch for a long time will heat the watch. It will make the watch stuck.

apple watch

Digital Crown

The Digital Crown is a button that powers much of the Apple Watch’s menu navigation. The problems of Apple watch is that sometimes it is hard to rotate because of the dust and fine particles inside. You need to clear your whole watch by taking off your Apple watch band, putting the watch into warm water and drying it for 10 mins. If it doesn’t work, you can restart the watch or repair it.

Black Screen

First, please check if your watch has run out of battery.

Second, you can reboot the watch then the problem may be fixed.

Third, to check if you turn on the screen curtain, you can follow these steps on your watch: Setting> General> Accessibility> Vision menu> Screen Curtain

If it’s on, toggle the switch to turn the feature OFF. You can also access and manage your watch settings through its paired iPhone. It is the same with the steps on the watch.

After making necessary changes, reboot or force restart your Apple Watch. Then check if that changes your Apple Watch display.

Low Battery

It is a common problems of Apple watch. The battery can only last 18 hours. You need to charge the watch frequently. It is a problem with hardware insufficiency so you can’t just simply fix it by a restart or in the setting. You can only turn on the power reserve mode, reduce the screen brightness and turn off anything you don’t need to slow down the speed of power consumption.

Apple Watch can’t Receive Notifications

Problems of Apple Watch doesn’t show up notifications when it’s locked. If you don’t get notifications on your watch, please check if you set up a password.

Second, open the Control Center on your Apple Watch and ensure that DND mode is off.

Check notification setting on your iPhone. You need to access the notification on your Apple watch then you can receive it. Unpair and pair the watch again

Apple Watch won’t Connect to LTE

Many Apple Watch users reflect they have problems of Apple watch about connecting to the cellular networks. Apple stated they would have solved this problem in the watch OS4 system and it solved the problem for some people indeed. But for the others, it didn’t help.

You can update Apple watch software because outdated software may affect cellular connection. You can check for updates on your watch by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

As we mentioned before, restart can solve the great majority of problems!

Switch to airplane mode and turn it off after one minute.

Set up LTE plan again to see if those ways work.

If all the ways above don’t work, you’d better contact Apple.

6 common problems of Apple watch and their fixes of Apple watch are listed above. If you have the same trouble and find the article that helps you, please like us and share to your family and friend who has the same trouble!

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