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Does the apple watch come in green?

With the release of Apple Watch Series 7 on 15th October 2021, Apple has green Apple Watch now. Apple Watch Series 7 has refreshed case colors for all aluminum models:

Midnight (replaces space gray)
Starlight (replaces silver)
Green (first-time color)
Blue (lighter than last year)
Product Red (deeper color than last year)

It was a new green model that Apple released for its first time green color smartwatch. The Green Aluminum Case Apple Watch Series 7 has a dark look to it. Although it’s very dark from certain angles and even looks black in some instances it is sleek forest green in good lighting.

Green apple watch band
Green apple watch band

The green Apple Watch looks fantastic if you get it paired with the green band, such as Sequoia Green Leather Link and Eucalyptus Solo Loop. The green is not vibrant but low-profile.

Moreover, Apple Watch 7 has its own Apple Watch face (Modular Duo, Apple Watch Series 7 only). Apple Watch 7 green owners would find it surprising when applying this watch face with clover, eucalyptus, bright right, light green, or green colors.

Green apple watch band

Apple Watch bands are interchangeable. The ability to change bands on your Apple Watch is one of the best thought design features of the Apple Watch. That’s why Apple offers many Apple Watch straps, including lots of green Apple Watch bands, which are suitable for your green Apple Watch Series 7!

green apple watch band

1. Mineral Green Solo Loop and Eucalyptus Solo Loop

The mineral green is lighter than the eucalyptus solo loop band. If you are fond of light green, picking up a mineral green is better. On the contrary, the eucalyptus is a little darker but stain-resistant. Moreover, this green Apple Watch band features a unique design with no clasps. It’s a one-piece band.

2. Bright Green Sport Band and Clover Sport Band

Clover is a little darker than bright green. Bright green is a super vibrant color and incredibly appealing. This bright green Apple Watch band perfectly matches the green watch face with a green Apple Watch case. The sport bands are the basic Apple Watch straps with a pin-and-tuck closure.

3. Bright Green Braided Solo Loop

In the light of the above, the braided solo loop also has the bright green one. Each Braided Solo Loop band features a unique, stretchable design that’s ultra-comfortable and easy to slip on and off your wrist.

4. Sequoia Green Leather Link

It is a very dark color and looks like it would pair well with that new green aluminum Apple Watch Series 7. This green Apple Watch wristband is not waterproof.

Except for original Apple Watch bands, there are plenty of green Apple Watch bands from different vendors which give you a wider range of design and color options to choose from.

Rugged apple watch bands silicone

This strap is extremely comfortable on the wrist. The classic clasp can securely lock your watch on your wrist and ensure a perfect fit. 

Ccnutri Cactus stretchy nylon solo bands

The nylon solo Apple Watch from Ccnutri is adjustable and durable. It features a slim stainless steel slider buckle that you can easily adjust the band to a perfect fit on your wrist.

The Cactus green Apple Watch band is a light green with a rose gold slider buckle. Thanks for the stretchy nylon material, the Apple Watch strap is skin-friendly and breathable.

Waspo Inverness Green Braided Solo Loop

It’s also a dark color and looks like army green. Those who prefer dark green color and braided solo loop may love this Apple Watch band. The watch band looks like a braided solo loop but it is made from pure silicone and flexible elastomer, which is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Can I change the apple watch band color

Apple Watch bands can easily be swapped to fit your style and personality. There are many different colors of Apple Watch wristbands available on the market. All you need to do is to pick up the color you loved.

Whether you are looking for a specific color, style, material, or printed pattern, or are looking for something that can be dressed up or down, you can change your bands with many different options to choose from.

Apple sells a wide selection of Apple Watch bands to their customers. However, going for a third-party Apple Watch band also style your watch, the design options are endless when it comes to third-party Apple Watch bands.If you are looking for a green Apple Watch, a third-party company provides you with a wider selection. Please our product collection if you just want to know more about unique Apple Watch bands

How to clean green apple watch band

As time goes by, your Apple Watch band starts to feel a bit overused and dirty. Wearing it to the gym or to work every day can leave stains or unpleasant smells on your band. Here are the followings about how to make your watch band looks brand-new again:

  • Check the material of your Apple Watch straps. There are differences in cleaning methods for different materials of watch straps.
  • If the green Apple Watch band is made of silicone and rubber, you can clean the band using water and dry it. For some stains, like strokes and you can rub the band with an eraser.

Note: The band made of Fluoroelastomer does not react well to alcohol.

  • If it is a nylon band, you can clean it with a wet, nonabrasive, and lint-free cloth to wipe out the dust and sweat on the band.

For stubborn stains, you may need to use soap and a soft-bristled brush. Apply a little soap to the wet nylon strap, scrub gently, rinse well, and dry.



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