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  • Wearing it correctly
  • Using a screen protector or case
  • Taking good care of the battery to make apple watch durable
  • Enabling The Safty Features
  • Using its hidden features
  • Cleaning it correctly

If you own an Apple Watch for over $300, you probably don’t want to ruin it in the first year of purchase. In order to use the device in a better way, perhaps you need to learn some tips to avoid mistakes. If you are considering buying, or have bought the Apple Watch, here are 6 tips on making the Apple Watch durable, powerful, and last longer.

apple watch durable

Wearing it correctly

Most Apple Watch users wear different types of Apple Watch bands. If you wear watch bands according to personal preference (wear it high on your arm or too low) will result in inaccurate movement and heart rate data.

The perfect fit for recording good heart rate data should be snug but not too tight. A good way to wear Apple Watch strap correctly is to tighten it as much as you can without feeling uncomfortable.

Choosing the right size wristband is more significant. If you have an Apple Watch Series 7, that’s a piece of good news for you-all of your old Apple Watch straps are compatible with it. Before ordering an Apple Watch solo loop band, please keep measuring your wrist in mind.

Suitisbest Apple Watch bands could be a perfect choice. Suitisbest Company has focused on Apple Watch accessories for five years. Their mission is to help people express their fashion and fitness on their wrists!

Using a screen protector or case

Your Apple Watch could be scratched, or get hit on the corner of screen largely if it is naked, affect Apple watch durable. You should invest in a good quality tempered glass protector for Apple Watch if you want your Apple Watch to look brand new.

Your Apple Watch face requires proper protection. Otherwise, once you damage your screen while your Apple Watch is under warranty, Apple will replace the screen up to twice for a fee of $69/ £49/AU$99 each time.

But sometimes a screen protector doesn’t make Apple watch durable enough and can’t protect the edge of the Apple Watch. An Apple Watch case would be your second choice.

There are many brands selling different cases on Amazon, but you could choose Adepoy 3 pack Apple Watch protective case, easy to install. You can use skins if an Apple Watch case makes your watch feel bulkier and Apple watch durable.

apple watch case adepoy

Taking good care of the battery to make apple watch durable

Apple watch’s battery is limited, which only runs about 18~24 hours on average. You need to charge your watch every day. Battery life declines over time. Try not to leave it on the charger for a long time, as the battery level is 100%.

Also pay attention to the temperature of the watch and its surroundings, because heat is one of the fastest ways to kill lithium-ion battery, associating with Apple watch durable.

Enabling The Safty Features

In addition to the well-known fitness and health functions of the Apple Watch, safety cannot be ignored. It can save your life in a critical moment, provided that you set up and enable features. You need to add important health information and emergency contacts to your Medical ID.

It allows you to contact first responders quickly if you are familiar with Emergency SOS. It’d be better if you have a cellular Apple Watch, Emergency SOS will work even without a cellar plan, or make sure your watch connects to a mobile hotspot. Finally, make sure to enable irregular heart rate notifications and fall detection.

Using its hidden features

Apple Watch has lots of interesting, helpful, powerful features you might not know about, which can increase your efficiency which good for Apple watch durable.

①Mute your watch by covering it up.

If you don’t want to be disturbed or disturb others, just cover the watch to mute the sound. To enable this feature, head to Setting>Sounds&Haptics on your watch, then switch to green position Cover to Mute.

②Using your watch to Vlog

To use the watch as a second screen for the main camera. You could obviously Vlog with the front-facing camera and look at your regular screen.

Cleaning it correctly

Cleaning your Apple Watch regularly and correctly is important, especially when you wear it during sweaty or high-intensity workouts. If you clean it incorrectly, you may damage it.

Do not use any soap, shampoo or other cleaners on your watch, and do not shower with it even if it’s water-resistance. Clean your band and case and wipe off them with a cloth.

festive apple watch bands

If you can use those tips and enable the features, your Apple Watch durable will work and look great for years to come. If you can’t take good care of your iWatch, you will find that it doesn’t work well or dead one day.



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