6 Things You Need To Know About Apple Watch SE 2 (2022) Rumors

What does Apple watch SE 2 2022? Find out here.

apple watch se 2
apple watch se 2

The current Apple Watch SE has been first released in 2020. Now it’s long overdue. The current rumors have Apple choosing 2022 as the year to refresh the budget wearable, but those hoping for big improvements are set to be largely disappointed. Assuming those rumors turn out to be on the money, that is.

Another new Apple watch model will be released this year too. It is said that Apple refreshing its main model, giving us a new Apple Watch Series 8 to replace the outgoing Apple Watch Series 7. Rumors of a new rugged version of the Apple Watch continue to swirl as well, with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggesting the rugged version will be larger and tougher than any Apple Watch that came before it.

The Apple Watch Series 8 and rugged models are expected to sit at the top of Apple’s wearable lineup, though. If you want to save money, then the Apple watch SE is the best option — here’s what we expect to happen with it this year.

Apple watch SE 2 Design changes

Since Apple is already expecting to release a third model this year that is designed for rugged outdoor use, few external changes are expected over the standard SE model. Rumors of a redesign are few and far between, and Gurman has said the bump in screen size won’t happen. Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t see new colors, and Apple might also offer some fancy new straps for people to pair with the new wearables.

As for the materials used, aluminum is expected to become mainstream due to its relatively low cost and Apple’s familiarity with using it. While many would argue that the best Apple Watch material is stainless steel, that’s simply beyond the reach of a budget Apple Watch like this.

Models and sizes

apple watch se 2
apple watch se 2

The current Apple Watch comes in both GPS and cellular models, and we expect a similar setup this time around. The cellular Apple Watch is perfect for those who want to be able to leave the house without a bulky iPhone, especially when exercising. Carriers even allow people to use their iPhone’s phone number from their wrist for added flexibility.

In terms of the actual size of the Apple Watch SE, it seems we should expect 40mm and 44mm versions, as is the case in 2020. While the updated Apple Watch Series 7 and updated 2022 models sport 41mm and 45mm variants, they benefit from a different case design than the current Apple Watch SE — which isn’t expected to change this year.


The current Apple Watch SE sports the S5 processor which may be changed this year. It’s reported that Apple could give the Apple Watch SE 2 the same chip as Apple Watch Series 8 — a new S8 that is actually based on the S7 from last year’s Apple Watch Series 7. That chip itself was based on the S6, but users can still expect a speed boost over the current model.

Few would argue that the current Apple Watch SE is slow for most tasks, but as watchOS updates will support newer versions in the next few years, a degree of future-proofing is required to ensure they work as intended.

New Features

apple watch se 2
apple watch se 2

The old Apple Watch SE doesn’t have an always-on display and we don’t know if this feature can be added to this budget model. The current model also lacks fast charging, a blood oxygen sensor, and a U1 Ultra Wideband chip. That last one is the only one that may be added to the new model, although again, they are just rumors.

Possible release date and price

Accurate data is hard to know until Apple confirms anything, but what we know is that Apple will announce a new Apple Watch SE in September, alongside Apple’s next big iPhone refresh. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has previously pointed to a vague fall release window, something that would match previous years.

September is a busy month for Apple — it’s already set to announce an entire iPhone 14 lineup and the new Apple Watch Series 8 is also likely to share the stage with this new Apple Watch SE. Rumors of that new rugged Apple Watch won’t go away, either. Expect all three to be announced at the same time, giving Apple Watch buyers plenty of options when it comes to strapping something onto their wrists.

Pricing starts at $279 for those who buy the Apple Watch SE today. It’s unclear exactly how much Apple charges for its updated model, but it’s unlikely to get cheaper. The current rate of inflation, combined with parts shortages and other economic issues, could cause Apple to raise prices slightly. Although those worried about a big price hike are unlikely to be proven right.

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