How To Customize Your Apple Watch faces

There are various ways to customize your Apple Watch face.

apple watch faces
Apple Watch faces

Apple has often been criticized for not offering nearly as many Watch faces for Apple Watch as Google does for Android Wear. This remains true since Apple doesn’t provide developers with a third-party apple watch faces API. 

And yet, over the years, Apple has added more options and flexibility regarding Watch face customization, a positive move that has continued with the recent release of watchOS 9. 

Top 3 Apps Help You Customize Your Apple Watch Faces.

With watchOS 9, Apple now offers native Watch faces across 49 categories. This includes a nice collection of new and updated Watch faces, including the whimsical Playtime, stoic Metropolitan, spacey Lunar, redefined Astronomy, and others. In addition, Cupertino has also brought Nike Watch faces to all Apple Watch models for the first time.

Though Apple doesn’t allow developers to create and sell third-party Watch faces, it allows third-party complications, including our favorites. This combination of faces across nearly 50 categories and hundreds (maybe thousands) of available complications means there are many ways to customize your wearable device. 

And yet, there’s another less publicized way to add further Apple Watch customization. In the App Store, you’ll find some highly-rated third-party apps that take greater advantage of those third-party complications to create what looks like all-new watch faces. 

No, these apps don’t replace the need for an Apple Watch faces API. And yet, it brings us closer to that reality. 

Apple Watch faces
Apple Watch faces


Facer is one of the most popular watch face apps for Android Wear. Facer offers a slimed-down version for Apple Watch to stay within the App Store requirements. The freemium app offers customizations that match the Apple Watch model, including the best Apple Watches on the market. For example, there’s already a selection of faces for the Apple Watch Ultra. 

With Facer, you can find original designs that take advantage of images and existing Apple Watch faces and complications. The result is a thorough list of uniquely styled faces that should match your tastes. 


Perhaps the best Watch customization app in the App Store, Facer offers free and premium creations that are simple to install, regardless of your Apple Watch version. 

Download from: App Store


With over 50,000 “fabulous” watch faces, TimeFlik is a subscription-only service that comes with a free 30-day trial. A built-in face creation tool makes it possible to match your Photos to a fresh design using a nice toolbox of various fonts and styles. 

TimeFlik often offers special edition creations. For example, you can currently find special designs featuring Coca-Cola and Minions. There’s also an Apple Watch band subscription service worth considering. 


Various watch display styles are available in this app, which provides premium designs through a monthly or yearly subscription.

Download from: App Store


Finally, there’s WatchMaker which calls itself the “#1 watch face platform in the world.” Like the other two options, WatchMaker is offered through a premium subscription, although there is a free three-day trial available to new users.

The watchMaker is noted for its cool text effects and OpenGL shaders. It also offers countdown clocks, charts, rings, and more. 


Promising 100,000 options, WatchMaker offers various styles to make your Apple Watch sparkle like never before. 

Download from: App Store

Keep Your Apple Watch Faces and Bands Style Consistent

With the power app tools above, you are your own apple watch designer, but one thing you need to keep in mind that Buying several spare apple watch straps can make your apple watch faces more versatile and gorgeous in style.



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