11 Things You Need To Know Apple Watch Series 8

With rumors of a fall launch on the horizon, the new Apple Watch Series 8 should be just around the corner. Is this the year we finally get the promised redesign? We’ve heard lots of leaks and rumors about Apple’s upcoming new wearables. 

Notably, many different models would be launched this year, with rumors of a new Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Rugged/Explorer/Pro edition swirling. Here’s what we know so far.

Apple Watch Series 8: Name

To be sure, we should expect Apple to release a new watch with a familiar naming convention – the Apple Watch Series 8. More Apple Watches may be released at the same time, but the Apple Watch Series 8 is all but guaranteed to arrive alongside the rest of Apple’s cooking.

One particular model of the Apple Watch could get a new name since it might be an entirely new model. There are rumors that the company will release a rugged edition of the watch this year. The two names being floated so far are the “Explorer Edition” and “Extreme Sports Edition.” Mark Gurman is going a different direction, saying that the company is likely to use its “Pro” branding used for many of its other products and simply call it the “Apple Watch Pro.”

“Given that the rugged Apple Watch, codenamed N199 inside the company, will apply to extreme sports enthusiasts and consumers who typically spring for Apple’s pro offerings, I think the company will probably go with the Apple Watch Pro name and marketing. Apple has already been touting the durability of the current watches, so it’s clearly a selling point that it believes clicks with consumers.”

Design changes

The design of the Apple Watch Series 8 is tricky because it can go one of two ways. While there’s a good chance this new wearable won’t look very different from the Apple Watch Series 7, last year’s product was rumored to feature a new design with flat sides, but that hasn’t materialized.

However, the rumors of a redesign are back! A recent report from Apple leaker ShrimpApplePro said that they had “heard from (a) source today that there is a flat front glass display for apple watch display.” The leaker did not specify if the flat display glass would mean a different housing for the entire Apple Watch or which models would get the new design.

Apple specifically apply the new glass design on the Apple Watch Series 7 so that the watch more durable, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the company go completely flat in order to improve durability even more. Such a design would also work well for a rugged edition of the Apple Watch if that model comes to light, but that seems unlikely for the new model.

In addition to a new display size for the rugged model, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that the new edition will also ditch aluminum in favor of more durable metal. In a later edition of his newsletter, the journalist believes that material to be titanium.

“Apple Inc. plans its largest smartwatch display to date, a bigger battery, and a rugged metal casing as part of the upcoming Apple Watch geared toward extreme sports athletes, according to people with knowledge of the plans.”

The Apple Watch Pro model, according to Mark Gurman, might be the first model to get a major redesign since 2018. While some may be hoping for a circular or flat design like we have seen in renders, the journalist says that the design, while new, will still be based on the rectangular one we have known.

Gurman went on to predict that the rugged edition of the Apple Watch, because of the redesign, could feature multiday battery life with a new low-power mode.

Different Models

In addition to the standard Apple Watch Series 8, Apple may be looking to upgrade one model and add an entirely new one to the lineup.

According to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the company is planning to release an update to the Apple Watch SE this year. The reporter says that the new Apple Watch SE will be the same size as the Apple Watch Series 7. That means the general Apple Watch band for the previous models can also fit the new SE.

In addition to the Apple Watch SE getting an upgrade, Gurman also says that the company will release a completely new rugged edition of the Apple Watch that would be designed for use in extreme conditions.

“The other major announcement this year at WWDC was watchOS 9. That update certainly heralds what we can expect from the Apple Watch Series 8 this fall. As I’ve reported, Apple is preparing three new variations: a new low-end SE, a standard Series 8, and a rugged edition aimed at extreme sports.”

The reports point out that the rugged Apple Watch will be named “Explorer Edition” and indicate the new watch could feature a more durable design as well as longer battery life. It would make sense for those wanting to use an Apple Watch in extreme scenarios like triathlons, rock climbing, mountain biking, and others that require equipment that can take a beating.

Gurman’s reporting matches that of Ming-Chi Kuo and his own reporting back in 2021. Kuo also agreed that the company is set to release an Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch “Extreme Sports” edition of the Apple Watch this fall.

Color and materials

According to Apple leaker ShrimpApplePro, the Apple Watch Series 8 is set to get quite a shakeup when it comes to the colors and materials the standard watch will come in.

It is said that green and blue colors will be removed and silver color will be added on Apple series 8 then Midnight, Starlight, and (PRODUCT)RED, will stick around. Silver is versatile so it can match many colors. Then you don’t need to worry about what color of watch band to match the silver watch.

There are two colors for the stainless steel version, Graphite and Silver.

Titanium, which has recently been considered the “Edition” version of the Apple Watch, will reportedly be dropped from the standard Series 8 model altogether. Instead, it is rumored that Apple will use the material for the rumored Apple Watch Pro.

Watch Size

Based on Apple’s last couple of releases it seems likely that 41mm and 45mm are likely, although display analyst Ross Young has posited things could ratchet up a notch — the 41mm and 45mm options could be joined by an unknown third size.

Young’s report is backed up by Haitong International Securities’ Jeff Pu. The analyst wrote a note to investors that claimed the company would be adding a new 1.99-inch model to the Apple Watch lineup:

“According to a note to investors from Haitong International Securities Jeff Pu, seen by MacRumors, the new addition will be a 2-inch part built exclusively by Luxshare. Young has also backed that up with a new post to Twitter, suggesting that 1.99 inches could be the size — something that seems to simply be a case of rounding rather than competing viewpoints.”

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also said that the screen for the rugged version of the Apple Watch will be the largest the company has brought to the device. According to a report from Bloomberg, the display for the “Extreme Sports” edition of the watch will come in at almost two inches diagonally and a resolution of 410 by 502 pixels.

“The rugged version of the Apple Watch will get a screen that measures almost 2 inches diagonally.”

Even more recently, Gurman said that the Apple Watch Pro will feature a seven percent larger display than the currently largest Apple Watch model.


While some were hoping for a brand-new processor with the Apple Watch Series 8, it seems like we’re in for another year of an incremental upgrade.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple will release a “new” S8 chip to power the Apple Watch Series 8, but that processor will be not much different from the S7 chip from the previous year. The reporter does, however, go on to hint that we can expect an “all-new processor” next year.

“For those hoping for a faster chip in this year’s Apple Watch, I’m told the S8 chip will have the same specifications as the S7, which was also the same as the S6. Next year’s models, however, are slated to get an all-new processor.”

Connectivity and satellite communication

Apple is again said to be working on a satellite communication feature fur future products, potentially Apple Watch Series 8. Such a feature would allow wearers to send short emergency texts when out of cell tower reach.

According to Mark Gurman, the satellite communication would be applied on the iPhone first but eventually make its way to the Apple Watch as well. Gurman says that we may, however, have to wait until 2023 to see the watch get the feature:

“Since reporting that the iPhone is gaining the feature, I’ve heard that the Apple Watch is also destined to get that functionality—either this year or in 2023. Whether it’s on the iPhone or Apple Watch, the technology would provide an alternative to the Garmin inReach Explorer and SPOT, handheld satellite communicators with similar features.”

Health features

Apple maybe focus on health this time around. Reports have suggested that car crash detection could come to a future Apple Watch and iPhone — potentially Apple Watch Series 8 and iPhone 14.

We know Apple wanted to add sleep apnea tracking and detection to a future Apple Watch a year ago, although rumors of such an addition to the Apple Watch Series 8 have been lacking.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that there would be a new temperature sensor, something that Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently all but the confirmed feature was coming to this year’s models. Gurman, however, says that the technology will provide a general reading rather than an exact temperature, allowing for a feature that will inform the user if they are running a fever.

“The body-temperature feature won’t give you a specific reading—like with a forehead or wrist thermometer—but it should be able to tell if it believes you have a fever. It could then recommend talking to your doctor or using a dedicated thermometer.”

The validity of the temperature sensor rumor continues to grow as a patent recently filed by Apple shows off the potential technology that Apple could bring to the Apple Watch Series 8. According to the patent, the temperature sensor could detect both the ambient and body temperature separately and then product readings for differential temperature measurement.

Apple disclosed that the new device can detect the “absolute temperature” of the surface it is measuring. If included in the Apple Watch Series 8, the company is likely to introduce some new wellness features around the measurement like other health devices already do.

Price and availability

Pricing is a tricky one for various reasons, especially with the current economic situation the United States — and the world — finds itself in. Prices are volatile, and we might get an indication of what to expect when Apple announces its iPhone 14 pricing ahead of Apple Watch Series 8.

If the company sticks with Apple Watch Series 7 pricing, expect the 41mm Apple Watch Series 8 to start at $399 for the 41mm and $429 for the 45mm and increase from there, depending on bands and case options.

The rugged “Explorer Edition” of the Apple Watch is still a mystery but it is expected to start at a higher price than the standard models. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says the rugged Apple Watch could even come in at a price as high as an iPhone 13 Pro at $999.

“Given that the new high-end Apple Watch will pack in a slightly larger display, new sensors and higher-end materials, I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts closer to $900 to $999, the starting price of an iPhone 13 Pro. We’re only a couple months away from finding out exactly where Apple lands.”

Release date

We don’t know what the new 8 would be but we can make a guess according to the Apple Watch 7 last year. The Apple Watch is usually announced at the same event as the iPhone, so we can reasonably expect it to be unveiled in September along with the iphone 14.

Whenever it lands, this will be the best apple watch ever made, that’s for sure.

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