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  • Access Notifications and Control Center when you’re inside an app
  • Locate your nearby iPhone
  • Scribble predictive text
  • Change the layout of the apps on your Apple Watch tips
  • Use your Apple Watch as a TV remote
  • Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch
  • Turn off audio controls
  • Reduce the brightness of the Watch screen
  • Change the wake screen settings
  • Delete unnecessary apps on your Apple Watch
  • Update software to the latest version

Access Notifications and Control Center when you’re inside an app

When you are inside an app on your Apple Watch, you’ll notice that simply swiping up won’t bring up the Control Center, nor will you be able to open the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of the watch.

When you want to access notifications or the Control Center inside an app, what you are going to do is press from the top or the bottom of the screen and hold briefly, and then you can continue to swipe down or up to bring out the Notification Center or the Control Center. A very useful apple watch tips and tricks.

apple watch tips and tricks

Locate your nearby iPhone

Apple Watch provides people with apple watch tips and tricks the Find My iPhone feature to help them find their iPhone quickly. When you want to locate your iPhone in the house, swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to bring up the Control Center, and then press the Find My iPhone icon. And your iPhone will start to play a sound to help you locate it.

Sometimes you might be in a condition when a sound is not enough to locate your iPhone, like when you are in a room with poor lighting. In a situation like this, just long-press the Find My iPhone icon and it will activate your iPhone’s flashlight and make it chime at the same time.

Scribble predictive text

Typing long words could be a frustrating thing to do. But Apple did think of this and offers Apple Watch owners with apple watch tips and tricks predictive text options to make typing long words easier.

When typing a long word, just enter a few letters and use the crown on the right side of the Watch to see and choose from the provided predictive text options. It still takes time to pick the word you need from all those options but at least you don’t have to type in every letter of the word.

Change the layout of the apps on your Apple Watch

It’s not easy to find the app you need with the honeycomb layout which is the default layout on your Apple Watch. Apple watch tips and tricks The honeycomb layout looks cool, but it might not be the best way to show all of your apps on the Apple Watch.

Fortunately, if you are not a fan of the honeycomb layout, you can change it to a more traditional list view. Force touch when viewing your apps and then two options will pop out. Tap on List View and the honeycomb layout will be changed to a list with your apps organized alphabetically. To look for the app you need, simply scroll up and down or use the digital crown.

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Use your Apple Watch as a TV remote

There are people who forget where they put the TV remote all the time. The Apple TV comes with a rather small and slippery remote and sometimes it could be frustrating to try and find it in your home.

Apparently Apple knows the remote could be lost easily, so they added a Remote app on iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. If your iPhone is in another room and you don’t feel like getting it, you can just use your Apple Watch as a remote for your Apple TV.

This apple watch tips and tricks allows you to open the Remote app on your Apple Watch, select your Apple TV and then you can navigate through tvOS with your Apple Watch.

Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch

There’s a setting in macOS that allows you to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. With this option turned on, you won’t have to enter the password to unlock your Mac as long as you are wearing your Apple Watch.

The Apple watch tips is to turn on this option on your Mac, go to Settings>Security and Privacy, and there’s an option called Unlock with Apple Watch. Turn this option on and you will be asked to set up a passcode for your Apple Watch if you haven’t done this before.

After you are done setting things up, you will be able to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. When you try to log into your Mac, it will detect your Apple Watch and unlock automatically.

Turn off audio controls

The audio apps on the Apple Watch can be a bit annoying sometimes because it might get in your way when you need to access certain apps. For example, when you have music playing on your Apple Watch, you will always see the music control first and you will have to get pass it in order to move on to using other apps and feature.

It could be a little annoying and cause inconvenience sometimes. Here is an apple watch tips: you can turn it off. Just go to Settings>General>Wake Screen and then toggle off Auto-Launch Audio Apps.

Reduce the brightness of the Watch screen

Lower the brightness of the Watch display can also significantly increase the battery life of your Apple Watch. Adjust the brightness to a level that you can still comfortably see what’s on the screen comfortably but is lower than before.

Change the wake screen settings

You can also change the wake screen setting to reduce the time the screen will wake. Go to Settings>General>Wake Screen and you can see all the wake screen options. You can consider disabling Wake Screen on Wrist Raise or Crown Up. Scroll down to the bottom you can also choose to have the screen wake for 15 seconds instead of 70.

Delete unnecessary apps on your Apple Watch

Some apps on your iPhone provide an Apple Watch version. If you have the same app installed both on your iPhone and your Apple Watch, they will use power to ensure that data is synced on both devices.

So if there are apps that you have installed on both your iPhone and Apple Watch, consider deleting the unimportant ones from your watch. You can delete apps from your Apple Watch in the Watch app on your iPhone. Open the watch app, scroll down to the Installed on Apple Watch section, tap on the app you don’t want and disable it.

Update software to the latest version

Go check and see if your Apple Watch and your iPhone have been updated to the latest software available. Here is apple watch tips.

To update software on your watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to General>Software Update. If the problem persists, try rebooting the Apple Watch by pressing and holding the digital crown and the side button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

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